Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hello vs Breath(숨)

WOW lots of groups are having new songs...
Shinee, Beast
Ukiss is coming back soon too
Shinee gonna come back with repackage album on 4th Oct.
Let's listen to the audio and MV teasers.

B2ST too comes back with their new album--Mastermind and Breath MV is released today.
Their dance are awesome
~~I can't take my breath breath breath~~
~~Breath In Breath Out~~
They are so freaking cool when dancing in the so call 'rain' haha

So Hello VS Breath...which one do you prefer?
They are going to perform at Music Bank tomorrow.
Do tune into KBS tomorrow ^^

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Would Never Be Real full MV is OUT!!!!

Ok, the 100th post on our blog....
Let's celebrate it by introducing a good vocalist---LimJeongHee ^^))

The MV is out finally
BigHitEnt tweeted about LimJeongHee's latest song--
Would Never Be Real MV feat. 2am JoKwon.
After watching the teasers, i am feeling good about this MV
And really wanna recommend you guys to listen it
Now the full MV is out, the effect is good and JeongHee have a good vocal.
Check out the full MV with JoKwon ^^

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

J-Lim with JoKwon

Lim Jeong Hee.....
Well i don't know who is she, but her voice is powerful.
Strongly recommend to listen her song and support her
Her vocal is good.
She will be coming back on 30th with her new mini album
Check out her MV teasers for Would Never be Real featuring JoKwon
Nice effect on the MV.

Credit: ibighit (Youtube)

B2st Comes Back!!!!!

Though Mastermind will only be out on 30th September,but Korean radio portals had been releasing their songs recently. So Beauties, check out their audio and support their new album!!!!

The MV teaser for Soom

Let's wait patiently for their comeback only 2 days left ^^

Let's take fresh Breath with Miss A

Let's say A for Miss A XD

Their 2nd single-Step Up is out now
Check out their MV--Breath
So COLOURFUL their outfits

The new singles include 4 songs:- Breath, Step Up, Blankly, Play the Music DJ. So stay tuned for their comeback stage on M Countdown next week, 7th October !!!!

Copy & Paste vs I'm going crazy

Remember Copy &Paste??

The MV is out now let's watch it ^^
I love the choreography for Copy & Paste
What's your opinion?

Next is se7en's MV for I'm going crazy.

Her actress girlfriend Park Han Byul took part in this MV
Love the effect in the MV
Let's check it out ^^

So Copy& Paste VS I'm going crazy which one you prefer???
I would say , I love both!!!
Love YG Love SM LOL

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Copy & Paste BoA

BoA comeback with new song--Copy and Paste + I'm OK.

Copy & Paste is more to hiphop while I'M OK is R&B style with lyrics by Wheesung.
Hope the MV for Copy & Paste will be out soon  ^^
Check out the audio for both of this songs.



Copy & Paste MV teaser

While waiting for the MV let's watch the performance on Music Bank ^^

Credit: smnet(youtube)

Haru: An unforgettable day in Korea

2010 is the year of visiting Korea. The Korea National Tourism Organization had put lots of efforts into promotion to get more tourist XD.
Now they are having the promotion of web drama-HARU to promote Korea staring HanChaeYoung,YunHo, KimBum,Park Shi Hoo, BigBang, LeeDaeHae.

In Haru, Yunho is an action star in a play, Kim Bum is a photographer, LeeDaeHae is a screenwriter, HanChaeYoung and ParkShiHoo play the couple in LeeDaHae's scenario, and BigBang is a group that finds a school that is being shut down and holds a mini concert for the students. (Source:

Check out the vids to find more about the drama

Besides i found that Super Junior is singing for the OST too XD
Am enjoying this song very much ^^
FYI this song featuring DongHae, RyeoWook,SungMin,EunHyuk,KyuHyun
Love my anchovy's rap in this song

Credits: BestofAsian & KyuleeKPOPMV (Youtube)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

'First half dozen' of Monthsary XD

Happy 6th Monthsary !!!!!!

  WOW i can't believe myself doing this once again XD.
The 6th month for our group, which means half year by another 39 minutes
(the time i write: 11.21pm)
It's seems that we had go through half year together 
Congratz Congratz to everyone who contributed
Well summary for this month
Added some fanfics on kaddicterz web, new sub web for ELFs project, trying our best to share our view on the latest kpop news and the most of this month is----->>> PICTURE SPAM 
Drama suggestion for this month is Kim Tak Gu and Playful Kiss ^^
I am currently addicted with Playful Kiss just like previously Taiwan Version-It started with a Kiss.
Try to watch it guys ^^
And finally 
I  wanna express my gratefulness to everyone who visit, participate in either our FB fanpage, bloggy, webby and activities..
Appreciate it very much, deep into my heart.
I am voicing it on behalf of K-addicters admins.
Agree with me right??
Will try our best to bring more kpop thingy ^^
Have a nice day!!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hallyu Dream Concert 2010 Part 2

Part 2 of Hallyu Dream Concert ^^
Including Super Junior, Shinee,2Ne1, Se7en, missA
Suju's part is my favourite XD, i can see them sweating WOW...I love them performing sorry sorry ^^Enjoy it very much. Digital bounce is cool too....Enjoy the rest of the vids guys.....

Super Junior Bonamana

Super Junior Sorry Sorry

Shinee Ring Ding Dong

Shinee Lucifer



Miss A

Credits: egg942 & 14xrauren (youtube)

Hallyu Dream Concert 2010 Part 1

Hallyu Dream Concert 2010 combining the top kpop groups performing.
Will be sharing some vids here including Ukiss, After School, Beast,4minute,Kara,Mblaq & 2PM.
Nice concert indeed enjoy the vids XD
This will be the part one ^^
Part 2 coming soon


After School






Credit: egg942 (Youtube)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Introducing Dalmatian's members

Continued from the previous blog--Dalamtian??
Now i am gonna post the profile of Dalmatian members XD
First to come, Leader--INATI
Real name: Jang Intae
Birth date: March 6th, 1981
Height, weight: 180 CM / 66 KG
Blood type: B
Religion: Catholic
Education: Graduated from New Zealand Rotorua High School
Siblings: One brother and one sister.
Hobbies, specialties: Reading / Acting
* Modeled in CFs for Pringles, Hanaro Telecom, SK SKY, McDonalds and LG070.
* Featured in MC Mong's 1st ~ 5th albums.
* Appeared in MC Mong's 2009 Concert "Mongie's Nomads"
* Appeared in 2010 Concert "Variety Mind"
Real name: David Kim
Birth date: September 20th, 1983
Height, weight: 170 CM / 60 KG
Blood type: B
Religion: Christian
Education: Maryland University
Siblings: Only child.
Hobbies, specialties: Working out, translating, & rapping in English.
* Rap trainer in JYP and other companies (2PM, Wonder Girls, Miss A, Sistar, & Secret)
Featured in:
* Lee Hyori's "Shall We Dance" and "Straight Up" * Wonder Girls' "So What" * Uhm Junghwa's "Come to Me"
* Wheesung's "This Kind of Situation"
* Ivy's "No"
*Son Dambi's "Start"

Real Name: Lee Dari
Birth Date: July 4th, 1984
Height, weight: 176 CM / 60 KG
Blood Type: AB
Religion: Christian
Education: Yewon Arts University
Siblings: 3 older sisters
Hobbies, specialties: Fishing, drawing
* Featured in MC Mong's 4th and 5th albums.
* Appeared in MC Mong's 2009 Concert "Variety Mind"

Real Name: Park Jisu
Birth Date: July 28th, 1990
Height, weight: 180 CM / 60 KG
Blood Type: B
Religion: Christian
Education: Graduated from Hanyang High School
Siblings: 1 older sister
Hobbies, specialties: MIDI, Piano
* Appeared in MC Mong's 2009 Concert "Variety Mind"

Real Name: Daniel Chae
Birth Date: March 31st, 1991
Height, weight: 177 CM / 58 KG
Blood Type: A
Religion: Christian
Education: KENT Foreigner School
Siblings: 1 older sister and 1 younger sister
Hobbies, specialties: Watching movies, graffiti art
* UCC TV "How to Seduce Mr. Daniel"

Real Name: Lee Dongrim
Birth Date: April 1st, 1990
Height, weight: 177 CM / 62 KG
Blood Type: AB
Religion: None Education: Graduated from Hansol High School
Siblings: 1 older brother
Hobbies, specialties: Watching movies, dancing
* Placed 1st in Busan Youth Song Festival

Ok guys i am sure you get their information now ^^ so support them if you like them XD
Source credit to:

Dalmatian??? New Rookie Group !!!!

Ok let's introduce to everyone the latest rookie group----

You know what cross my mind before i look at their promo picture???
I guess you have the same thing in your mind as me ahahahaha
And the fact is it really related to dalmatian ^^
Well i just get to know them recently.
They are the new rookie group under Monkey Punch & I S Entermedia Group. You know what? They are recruited by MC Mong personally and had been trained for about 6 year before their debut recently. They finally revealed their first digital single on 1st September. Check out their MV --Round 1.

I found out some information about them too!!! Will be continued to next blog....XD

Miss A Joined twitter recently

Miss A's 3 members joined twitter recently
Have you guys followed them on twitter???
If not yet here's the link:

I am happy that they share with us their selcas...
This is how we get to know them more right??

Jia just tweeted some selcas, let's check it out ^^

Suzy tweeted some too ^^

A Project for ELFs

To all Dear ELFs out there,
no matter where are you from we need your help here!!!!!!

We need ELFs from around the world to join our project here---Counting ELFs from around the world....I am sure everyone will be curious about how many ELFs is it out there from the world right??
That's why we are here now to count the ELFs from every corner of the world!!!!
Try to be the member at this web: sujueverlastingfrens just like the official ELFs fanpage. And for a backup purposes we have an FB fanpage too, try to like the fanpage too: Counting ELF around the world

So get the link??? Let's be a member for our project here ^^

Kamsahamnida ELFs