Sunday, July 31, 2011

Khuntoria had a fight due to their hobby???

Latest episode of Khuntoria's WGM--they had a fight due to hobby??? What's happening??

Our cute Khuntoria tried to plant lettuce and hot peppers in the garden. But Khunnie is not so interested with it. Because of this they had a quarrel?? They had argue about where to plant the veggies and how much soil is needed to cover up the seedlings. Check out the videos below what happens at last ^^ Besides, they had found an interesting hobby to do together. Watch the video below!!

Super Junior Comeback stage on Inkigayo Preview!! + New Jacket photos!

Super Junior will be coming back on next week!!!!!
Check out the preview below!!!! There's new jacket photos being revealed on China's website- Sina. Take a look into it!!!

Check out EUNHYUK's NAIL!!!!!!! 
What did you see????

Teen Top reveals dance version of No Perfume On You

Teen Top is back with their new song -No More Perfume On You. Last week they just released the MV for the song. Today we can have a look at the dance version of the song. Check out their catchy dance in the MV ^^. Love it? Hwaiting Teen Top~~~

Immortal Song 2 episode 9- Female vocalist special

In this episode we will find all the female vocalist including Lyn, Lim Jeong Hee, Seo In Young, Lee Hae Ri, Dana, Choi Jin Ee and Jang Hee Young who perfoemd in one stage together ^^. This time their theme was Shin Seung Hun ' hits. Shin had joined the participants and also as the judge. Check out theie awesome performance video below: 

Episode 10 preview: 
NEXT WEEK will have Jay Park and Kyuhyun!!!!!!

Beast's Hyun Seung selca wearing school uniform ^^

Check out the selca of HyunSeung wearing school uniform XD. Is he looking good in the uniform??

2PM reveals I am Your Man MV (Japanese) +jacket photos

2PM will be releasing their second Japanese single -I am Your Man in 17th August. Recently they had release the title track's- I am Your Man MV. Let's check out the MV with mature and handsome looks of 2PM. Hottest let's enjoy the MV ^^

Saturday, July 30, 2011

ZE:A releases Heart For 2 short version MV

Remember the lower part of the picture??? ZE:A just released the short version of the Heart for 2 MV ^^ Netizens are hoping for the longer version.... Will there be the longer version???

Friday, July 29, 2011

Super Junior's 5th album with 10 type of album covers---Is this a trick?

Many of us do believe that SM have something to do with behind this coming 5th jib,why they want to make it 10 types of album covers? There's surely have a reason behind this...... 

Remember last year? What happen? CLICK ME
This year we want our oppas to WIN~~~ so ELFs please do read carefully the links below before purchasing the 5th jib:
1.Suju's future is in your hand
2.Recommendation on Hanteo counts franchise and how to differentiate real and fake receipt
3.Bulk order services MUST KNOW
4. K-chart calculation
*links all credit to owners

 [5th jib please don't choose the album covers] Please don't pick the album cover when purchasing it, if our suju oppas knows their album covers can't sell, they will be sad too right? So do please spread the news out~"

Mr Simple MV teaser to be released on 1st August!! !!

WOW Loving this picture!! How about you guys??? I am waiting patiently here for the sake of our suju oppas. If not...... XD
Well according to SM, they will be relaying the press  conference of Suju on 4th August on the official sites and the most important things!!! ---MR Simple MV teaser will be out on 1st August and full MV will be released on the 4th August too. I am sure ELFs are waiting anxiously as me, it'a only 2 days left before the teaser will be up, let's wait patiently ELFs ^^

The press conference which will notify the comeback of the best super star in Asia, Super Junior, will be relayed through facebook and YouTube.

Super Junior, who will make a glorious comeback with the 5th full album, ‘Mr.Simple,’ will hold a press conference at the Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul on August 4th. And also its pictures and video are scheduled to be relayed through facebook SMTOWN page (, facebook Super Junior page ( and YouTube SMTOWN channel, so it is expected to make massive headlines.

In addition, Super Junior will collect questions about their comeback and new album through facebook SMTOWN page as well as facebook Super Junior page from fans worldwide for three days (August 1st ~ August 3rd) and they will answer the selected questions at the press conference. Therefore explosive responses are expected from fans all over the world.

The music video teaser of Super Junior’s 5th album title song, Mr. Simple’ will be released on August 1st.
The music video teaser will be released through facebook SMTOWN page (, facebook Super Junior page ( and YouTube SMTOWN channel ( as well as Super Junior official website ( It is predicted to fascinate music fans worldwide by presenting Ubersexual concept which includes unusual charms of Super Junior who has transformed themselves into more manly and stylish.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Super Junior the 5th Album title song--Mr Simple

Finally all are out!!! All the teaser picture are out ^^ Gonna make a banner from it haha. So now ELF what are we waiting for?? The title track-Mr Simple TEASER!!!!! SMTown RELEASE THE TEASER WILL YOU???? OMO can't wait for it, anticipating!!!!!!!

According to trusted sites: the album will have 10 covers with each members and comes with a random photo card in it. That means we  need to buy all the 10 albums to have all members....WOW that will depends on our luck TT

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Super Junior as Korean Tourism Ambassador Ceremony

Super Junior had been appointed as the Korean ambassador recently and today they had attend a ceremony to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Korea Tourism Organization’s head, Lee Cham. 

Source from Newsen:
This agreement between SM Entertainment and the Korea Tourism Organization gives a  greater opportunity for cooperation in order to further develop aspects of the Hallyu wave, which include overseas activities, tourism, and more.
Lee Cham revealed, “Both companies are going to help secure the Hallyu wave and will work on projects for the development of tourism and the entertainment industry.

Check out some of their pictures and videos during the ceremony below ^^
You will find some interesting pictures XD

Prepare to see the interesting pictures

 Not clear enough??? Here's another one, our Suju oppas is so adorable isn't it??? XD

All pictures credit to TVDaily, Newsen, YTN news and as tagged.

Yesung 5th album teaser picture revealed!!

OMO Yesung's Flinstone cowboy's look!!!! (This is my own interpretations, credit me if want to take out!!) Today it's Yesung's turn!!! 5th jib is getting near!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!

2ne1- Hate You MV turns into cartoon characters ^^

At last we can see the cartoon characters ^^ 2NE1's new digital single- Hate You is up now....
Love their rhythm in this song?? Eminem's feel in this MV..... Enjoy it the MV~~~

Monday, July 25, 2011

Super Junior M Henry have his own Youtube Channel!!

So Henry have his own Youtube channel now??? XD Cool~~ Let's subscribe to him!!! 

He tweeted on twitter today with his own youtube channel link: 
Been missin you all so much decided to make a little something for ya! ENJOY! LOVE! -HENRY

Let's Subscribe to henryzzz89's now!!! 
He prepared a short greetings cover for Strings ^^ Check it out below ^^

Super Junior 5th album- Ryeowook's teaser photo unveiled

Today it's Super Junior RyeoWook's turn to release his teaser picture ^^. Love it?? Interesting~~~ The teaser picture was revealed late today due to Siwon's granny funeral ceremony. 

To Siwon if you see this, 
your granny will be with you always to protect you in heaven....