Monday, September 26, 2011

Super Junior unveiled full A-Cha MV!!!!!!

The long waited A-Cha MV is released finally!!!!! Check out the cool MV now!!! ELF!!! Let's increase the views again ^^ Just like what we have done for Mr Simple!!!! And keep searching A-Cha, on the official music sites in order for oppas to get GDA!!! Buy their album which is counted into Hanteo~~~~ We must get GDA for Super Junior this year!!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brown Eyed Girls is back with Sixth Sense

Brown Eyed Girls is finally back with their brand new album - Sitxth Sense!!! This time they had tried a more wild and sexy physical outfits. Check out their MV of Sixth Sense being released on the 23rd September. It's full of 'power' isn't it? Do support their new album.

1. Swing It Shorty (Intro)
2. Sixth Sense
3. Hot Shot
4. La Bohème
5. 불편한 진실
6. Lovemotion
7. Countdown (Interlude)
8. Vendetta
9. Sixth Sense (Inst.)

Miss A Breathe Mandarin version

Miss A is going to released their first album in Taiwan - A Class. Breathe will be included in this album but it will be in mandarin version!!~ Check out the audio as below, which version do you prefer?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Super Junior Comeback Stage with A-Cha!!!!

A-Cha A-Cha~~~~

OMO this is even hotter than Mr Simple!! Can't wait for the full MV~~Check out their comeback performances on Mubank and Mucore yesterday and today. (p/s: while it's still available ^^)

Mubank 230911

Mucore 240911

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Super Junior releases A-Cha full audio !!!!!

Finally it's released!!!! 
OMO!!!!! This is really AWESOME!!!!!! A-Cha, A Day, Andante, Oops~~~ Super Junior i am proud to be ELF ^^ Check out the audio below but ELFs do remember to search and listen it on all the music sites, download and buy their album from recognizes sites, DON'T reupload it on youtbe AND get our oppas the GDA they wanted since last year!!! We can make it!!!!! 500,000 is not impossible it's MISSION POSSIBLE!!!!!! Hwaiting!!!!!


Lollipop F VS Super Junior on Star King!!!!

Taiwanese Pop Group- Lollipop F went to Star King recently to have a battle with Super Junior??? Check out the video below ^^ Actually i adore Lollipop F before,they came out from a talent show too. Their purpose to come this time is to get back their popularity in Taiwan because Super Junior had been topping the Taiwan music chart for over one year now. Let's see what will happen in this episode XD.

Check out other performances cut too ^^ How i wish wookie can hold my hand while singing one day ><

Friday, September 16, 2011

Super Junior repackaged album A-Cha

Mr Simple, Superman and now coming soon A-CHA!!!!!
This is gonna be interesting!!! Can't wait for the repackaged to be released on 19th September 12+KST. So ELFs do remember to stay tuned for the released on various music sites such as Melon, Dosirak, Naver,Bugs and many more. And most important is purchase the repackaged from recognize shops that count the album into Hanteo!! We will get GDA for them this year!!!

Tracklist in this repackaged will include 4 newly added songs along with the songs from version A and B that make it 17 songs!! 
1 Superman
2 A-Cha
3 Mr. Simple
4 Oops!! [Feat. F(X)]
5 하루에 (A Day)
6 안단테 (Andante)
7 오페라 (Opera)
8 라라라라 (Be My Girl)
9 Walkin’
10 폭풍 (Storm)
11 어느새 우린
12 결투 (Feels Good)
13 기억을 따라 (Memories)
14 해바라기 (Sunflower)
15 엉뚱한 상상 (White Christmas)
16 Y
17 My Love, My Kiss, My Heart

Love their new concept so much!!! I called it paparazzi SUJU XD How about you???

Extracted from Super Junior official FB :
Super Junior, who proved their tremendous popularity by ranking the 1st place for 5 consecutive weeks on ‘KBS Music Bank’ and winning the ‘Triple Crown’ on ‘SBS Inkigayo’ and ‘ Mcountdown’ with ‘Mr. Simple,’ will release the repackaged 5th album on the 19th.
This repackaged album contains 13 songs from the 5th album and 4 other new songs including ‘A-CHA’ (a total of 17 songs), so it is enough to meet more varied music and charms of Super Junior.
The new song, ‘A-CHA,’ is a powerful dance music composed by a popular song writer, Hitchhiker. This song is a type of electro house based on rock and has easy melody and sophisticated rhythm. The song is expected to reveal different appeals from the existing songs of Super Junior and features the witty love story of Don Quixote who desperately tries to recapture his lover’s heart.
Also, Leeteuk, Heechul, Shindong, Donghae and Eunhyuk wrote raps for ‘Oops!!.’ This song is a unique rap song which shows Super Junior’s own distinctive charms and the featured artist f(x)’s refreshing voice and sound effects double the fun of the song.

Moreover, this repackaged album includes a song called ‘Andante’ written by Leeteuk and Super Junior-M’s Henry. They also have composed the fourth album track, ‘All my Heart,’ together before. A sentimental pop ballad, ‘A Day,’ is about a man who is making a promise to his lover that his love for her will never change. Since the repackaged album contains more matured sound, it is expected to receive good response from music fans.

Meanwhile, Super Junior is predicted to captivate the eyes and ears of music fans all over the world once again with their follow-up song, ‘A-CHA.’

B1A4 releases 2nd MIni Album --IT B1A4

B1A4 is back with their 2nd mini album-- It B1A4 ^^ Check out their tracklist below and the MV for Beautiful Target. They are so cute~~~~Beautiful Target is a cute MV MUST WATCH ^^ Recently the official fan club name for B1A4 had been released---> BANA ^^ So BANAs remember to support them by purchasing their album...

01. Beautiful Target
02. My Love
03. Jjujjujju (Chu Chu Chu)
04. Wonderful Tonight
05. Fooool
06. Beautiful Target (Inst.)


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ukiss comeback in water stage on Inkigayo 110911

Ukiss had a stunning comeback stage on Inkigayo today!!! The water floor stage is cool!!! Even Kevin tweeted himself : "Hehe I've got to admit the water stage at Inkigayo is the coolest stage I've ever seen! So glad we didn't get hurt although it was dangerous" Check out their performances below while it's still available ^^ They performed 2 songs today -Someday and Neverland~~

Super Junior Energy Song on Inkigayo 110911

It's been long time since the last Energy Song by Super Junior on Inkigayo...Today we can watch the Energy Song presented by Sungmin, Yesung, Shindong, Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk. It's so funny, all of them are so good in acting haha. Watch the video while it's still available ^^ So lovable isn't it??

Super Junior Mr Simple Last stage on Inkigayo 110911

Super Junior will be performing on Inkagayo today as their last performance for Mr Simple promotions. Awww i am gonna miss Mr Simple performances.... Ryeowook tweeted on twitter just now with a picture: 

" 신동, 려욱, 성민, 동해 인기가요 대기실에서 찰칵~~ 아쉽지만. . 오늘 마지막 방송이에요 응원 많이 해주세요 ^^ 가라 미스터심플><"
Trans: Shindong, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Donghae inside the waiting room of Inkigayo~~ It's a pity but. . Today is the last performance.. Please give a lot of support ^^ Let's go, Mr Simple><

Looks like their repackaged album will be released soon!!! Can't wait for it, yesterday their choreographer @Famous_jae had tweeted a picture on twitter, check out who's leg is that?? ^^

Anticipate for their repackaged album!!! Let's get the GDA for our SUJU oppas this year, ELF remember to buy the version A and C only for this time, Version B you can always buy next time. As from the past, they only count version A and C, so we will be focusing on this 2 version this year. And do remember to buy only from recognized music store such as Leesmusic, Synara, hotracks. We want to give our oppas the GDA this year!!!!!

110909 Music Bank:(1) Leeteuk: repackaged album will be (released) the week after next, there will be Heechul in the mv... Eunhyuk/Donghae: are you serious? Don't lie.~ Ryeowook: there will be other members too (2) Eunhyuk (talking to himself) if our repackaged album also sold 200,000, we will then have 500,000(for total)~ In that case, GDA.....
Please don't consider whether this is a hint or not, GDA happens once only. If we treat ver C as ver A, if we pay great attention to ver C, 200,000 copies isn't a dream.

Siwon wants to give ELFs a Chuseok gifts!!!

Siwon are currently busy with the KBS Drama- Poseidon filming. Yesterday and today morning he had tweeted something on twitter. He have a great gift fro ELF for Chuseok!!! Check it out below XD

집에가는길입니다. 예상대로 끝나고 예상보다 늦게 시작한다니 이렇게 기쁠수가요.기대하지 않았을때 받는 선물이란 이런기분이죠 명절까지 반납했으니 주시는 추석선물이라 생각하고 사양않고 재빨리 받겠습니다. (제심정입니다)
Trans: I am on my way to home. I am really happy that the filming ended earlier than planned. Receiving an unexpected gift would feel like this. I will think of this as a Chuseok gift in return of my sacrifice of the holiday, I will not reject it, and receive it quickly. (This is my honest feeling)

추석 선물로 지난 5집 Mr.Simple A Version 미공개컷을 :)
Trans: As a Chuseok present, the unreveiled cuts from fifth album, Mr. Simple A Version:)

ELF prepared???? the gift at below haha

Previously the unreveiled picture from Eunhyuk and Donghae can be found on net too. Check it out below XD

2NE1 Sandara's selca in the plane ^^

What's your opinion on Dara's selca?? Pretty?? 

She uploaded this picture on me2day mentioning about the concert in japan :" Dalong is still missiing in the concert! I have info for me2day friends! Our YG Family's maknae Psy oppa will have his concert aired on SBS at 12.30am tonight, We have our NOLZA Japanese concert left so we will learn a lot from this program! Run!" credit: Allkpop

KARA revealed STEP choreography practice video

Let's check out KARA's STEP choreography practice video that was revealed on cyworld. We might can learn some part from it XD. Can't wait for their comeback performances~~~

2NE1 reveals the preview of Lonely Japanese version

Let's check out the teaser of Japanese version Lonely by 2NE1. They are now busy preparing for the Japanese album NOLZA. Hope it will be releasing soon ^^ Now let's listen to the teaser of Lonely in Japanese XD. Which version do you prefer??

video credit: maddoxofficial

Shinee to release 3rd Japanese Single- Lucifer

Shinee had been debuted in Japan successfully since few months ago, since the release of Replay and Julliete single.Now they will be releasing the 3rd single- Lucifer. The actual release date will be on 12th October with 3 different types of album packing. Shawols can start to choose which one you wanna buy XD.

The first press of ‘Type A‘ will come with a CD, DVD, 68-page glossy photobook, one of five trading cards, plus a “LUCIFER ORIGINAL PLAY BUTTON”. The DVD will include the music video and dance music video of “LUCIFER”. The price for this single is ¥3,800 ($49 USD).

The first press of ‘Type B’ is the same as ‘Type A’ minus the “LUCIFER” play button. A DVD will also be included in this edition. For those who pre-order this version will receive a B2 size poster as a present on a first come first serve basis. This version is ¥2,500 ($32 USD).

Type A
< CD >
2. Love Like Oxygen
3. LUCIFER (Korean ver.)
4. Love Like Oxygen (Korean ver.)

< DVD >
1.LUCIFER Music Video
2.LUCIFER Dance Music Video [Type A]
3.LUCIFER Teaser

Type B
< CD >
2. Love Like Oxygen
3. LUCIFER (Korean ver.)
4. Love Like Oxygen (Korean ver.)

< DVD >
1.LUCIFER Music Video
2.LUCIFER Dance Music Video [Type B]
3.LUCIFER Teaser

The normal edition of the single will include a CD, DVD, and 44-page glossy photobook. The first press of this edition will come with a postcard and the DVD will come with the music video, JK Shooting Sketch, and MV Shooting Sketch. Pre-orders for this will come with a poster (B2 size) on a first come first serve basis at participating stores. The poster for this will be different from the poster that comes with ‘Type B’. The normal edition is priced at ¥1,500 ($19 USD).

Regular Edition
< CD >
2. Love Live Oxygen

< DVD >
1.LUCIFER Music Video
2.LUCIFER Jacket Shooting Sketch
3.LUCIFER Music Video Shooting Sketch
4.LUCIFER Teaser

Album information credit:

Immortal Song 2 Episode 15

Immortal Song aired it's Episode 15 yesterday... In this episode, participants had performed the legendary hits by Nam JinThey will sing the re-arrangement song by Nam JIn and the singer himself will be watching their performance too. Check out their performances below ^^ Who's the winner???XD

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Immortal Song 2 Episode 14- Kyuhyun won along with his sister performing together

Immortal Song 2 airs it's episode 14 yesterday. This week their performances are different from previous episode. This time they can choose the dance or ballad track that they have most confident in it. Kyuhyun will be performing with his sister, Ara in this episode ^^. Check out their performances below while the video are still available~~ XD See who wins in the end~~~

Super Junior M's Henry pants was ripped during SMTown Tokyo Special??

What had happened to Super Junior M Henry during the SMTown Tokyo Special Edition?? Check out what had he tweeted just now:

WOW Henry Henry, we might not know about it if you don't tweet about it. Now??? Everybody knows about it!!!! And it's on the world twitter trend!!!! XD 
Netizens asked Henry why he wanna tweet about it?? Now everyone from the world knows it LOL

Eli was injured and will missed for Neverland comeback stage promotion

Eli was reported that having the knee injury during the rehearsals recently, he will not be able to attend the comeback activities for Neverland.

According to U-KISS’s agency, NH Media, the boys were preparing for their first comeback stage when Eli tore a knee muscle during rehearsal.

An associate of NH Media stated, “Eli has been ordered to stay in bed and rest for at least 10 days. We’re planning on going forward with just six members instead.”

They added, “The choreography of “Neverland” requires power and technique, so it could have resulted in Eli’s injury. As a result, we’re planning on changing the choreography“.

Meanwhile, U-KISS revealed their new album on the 1st and recorded #1 on album sales chart. They’re slated to have their first comeback performance on the 8th through Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘.
(Credited to Allkpop)

Ukiss revealed individual concept pictures for Neverland

Ukiss had released their second album -Neverland recently. Love their Neverland choreography so much ^^ Check out their individual concept pictures as below~~