Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MV of Yoon JongShin "Late Autumn" feat Kyuhyun Released

Late Autumn is the song of collaboration between Yoon Jongshin and Kyuhyun. Let's take a look into the MV and listen to Kyuhyun's soulful voice~~ He himself even promoted the song before his flight to somewhere else just now ^^

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He tweeted:" Everybody~~ after a while on midnight of the 27th, month project with Yoon Jong Shin and Kyuhyun’s ‘Autumn’ will be revealed~ It suits Autumn really well… it came from my mouth..ㅎㅎ Right now I’m going to see the new world and safely come back~~(credit: minbunny@tumblr)

Have a safe trip ^^ Enjoy your holiday then ~~~~

Super Junior Eunhyuk is in Czech Prague now!!!

Ahhhhhhh it's been long time since i write something in here XD. So sorry peeps, had been busy with works nowadays ^^ My hand start to "itchy" today, that's why i am here again~~~ LOL Been spazzing on Super Junior since their CB back to August. Till now still the same~~ Today i will write something about their vacation after the SMTown NYC and 5th jib promotions. I believe Eunhyuk is the first one to start the vacation with his beloved family. So where is he now??? He's in Europe!!! Czech, Prague!!! Prague ELFs!!! Go stalk him now!!! XD my advise is better don't, let him have a nice holiday with family~~ Promise??

Yesterday he tweeted a picture on twitter written: " Honey Family in Czech Prague" . After a few minutes he tweeted this, it's on the twitter world trend!!! That's awesome!!!! Hope you have a nice holiday there~~~~ ^^

Lately today, Donghae tweeted a picture too showing his vacation together with LeeTeuk in Saipan Island. He wrote: " Eunhyuk i don't envy you, haha Eunhyuk ah this vacation is not a vacation without Teuk hyung hahaha Eunhyuk ah You Lose!!!! "

Looks like they are really having fun on the islands ^^

Other members are still in Korea, Shindong went for skin treatment today~~ Let's see what did he tweeted just now ^^ 
"I came to see a dermotologist to have great skin… How bad was my skin that they made me look like this … Skin… what is your true identity !!!" (Translations Credit:

Wow Shindong ah~~ you should take good care of your skin when keeping fit XDDD Well that's all for now will update more if there's any !!

Monday, October 10, 2011

[Full Audio] Poseidon OST by Kyuhyun-- Ways of Breaking

Kyuhyun sings OST for Poseidon --Ways of Breaking. Check out the full audio, it's finally out now ^^
Though it's a sad song with sad lyrics but i felt so touching when listening to it, what's your opinions?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

SNSD unveiled teaser videos for 3rd Album- The Boys

SNSD will be coming back in 31st Ocotber with their 3rd Album-- The Boys...... So what's the concept behind the album this time? Fairy tales?? XD Check out the combined teaser videos being released recently at below:
I saw parts of their new MV?? Did i??

Concept photos of each members:

Boyfriend releases Don't touch My Girl Music Video

Boyfriend had released their 2nd Single Album recently with the name-Don't Touch My Girl. Looking at the title, i am sure many would love to be Boyfriends' girl right? XD
Check out their music video for Don't touch my girl being release few days ago.
 You're my Lady ~~~~

Check out their latest single's album track. ^^ Which song do you like? Remember to support their latest singles!!
02. 내 여자 손대지마 (Don't Touch my Girl)
03. 점점점 (Jum Jum Jum/Little Buy Little)
04. 내 여자 손대지마 (INST.)
05. 점점점 (INST.)

[Full video] We Got Married -LeeTeuk & KangSora Episode 1

We Got Married new couple- LeeTeuk and Kang So Ra aired their 1st episode yesterday. Previously there's rumors whether Teuk Oppa is going to be the new male candidate. Now it's confirm that he will be shooting the new episode of WGM with actress, Kang SoRa. 29 yeasrs old LeeTeuk with 22 years old Kang SoRa. Will there be any interesting parts? I do hope that teuk oppa can have more rest with those busy schedules--Hello Baby, Star King, concerts, performances and now with WGM. Looking at the videos, i am sure they will be another sweet couples. Though it's  a little bit awkward, but i am sure Teuk oppa can communicate well with Sora soon^^

The videos are not yet subbed but i found the chinese subbed vidoes. For those who can read chinese ^^Will post the subbed soon once we have it XD

Mandarin Subbed Videos