Sunday, March 25, 2012

CNBlue released Hey You full MV!!!

CNBlue is finally back since last week with their 3rd mini album -- Ear Fun. Today the official site had released another music video from the mini album-- Hey You after revealing the MV for Still In Love last week. Check out the MV with the hot boys of CNBlues!! Boice must be excited with them right??? Remember to support their album!!!

Track List: 
01. Hey you
02. 아직 사랑한다
03. Dream boy
04. Rock n’Roll
05. Run
06. In my head

Hey You MV

Still In Love MV

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy 2nd Anniversary to K-addicters!!!!!

OH YEAH it's 2nd Anniversary for K-addicters!!!!! 
WOW Happy Anniversary guys ^^ 
I miss the times when we chat along on the tiny little chat box everyday, every night..... But now everyone is busy with studies i miss you guys so much!!! For our page,twitter, blog and site i wanna say mianhae to all of 'you'~~~~ I am kinda abandoned you all alone here~~>< Let's sing Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry XD... I had been focusing on Suju since last year their CB stage, but i tried my best to update the bloggy ^^Look at the bloggy's BG and banner were stop at Super Junior's CB time and you will know how long i didn't update it.... I only posted something new here when i have the mood LOL. Well this is the purpose of our blog right? We are just sharing and not being the source of kpop news ><

Starting of 2012 is really good as we had being invited to attend the Kpop Crazy Fan party organized by Universal Music Malaysia. Admins didn't manage to attend the party due to personal reasons but we are honored that organizers provide us the chance to held a giveaway of passes for readers.. Hope you guys have fun there ^^

We do hope that more will come to us but this is only a minor wish from our group. The major wish is that we can stay together for a long time, keep in touch with each other because we are a big family (from myself ) Agree or not, just ignore it if not agree with me~~~ ^^

Message from the founder of the group: Ms Dybe
happy 2nd anniversary,so happy that we are in a 1 str0ng group, wish is may we stay longer as a group and take care each other,SARANGHE!
♥ ♥ HUGS♥ ♥
So what's the plan for our 2nd anniversary??? Admins have the plan to held a giveaway but not so soon. We are BUSY~~:) We will celebrate it tomorrow night~~~ 

K-addicters hwaiting!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shinee revealed Sherlock (Clue +Note) full music video!!!

Shinee is back with their 4th mini album-- Sherlock. Today the official site finally revealed the full music video for Clue+ Note the title song from Sherlock !!! Check out the MV featuring SNSD's Jessica!!! Love their new outfits? Love their choreography??? Let's anticipate for their comeback on music charts !!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shinee revealed Sherlock's MV teaser!!!

Shinee will be coming back this coming 21st March with their latest mini album-- Sherlock. Today they had released the MV teaser for Sherlock. Check it out!!!! 

Super Junior Sungmin's Devil and Angel side???

Super Junior's Sungmin turns out to be Marilyn Min!!!!!! Super Show 4 in Thailand had ended today after 3 days of performances. I am sure Thailand ELFs had make a great fan projects to show their loves to Super Junior. Even i myself were crying when watching the love feeds from them. Though Teuk oppa was injured today but he's still tried his best to perform until the end of the concert. He said a word today that makes me loves them even more: "ELF one thing that you cannot do is to stop loving Super Junior"

Well let's back to our Marilyn Min XD Sungmin had changed his hairstyle since yesterday. He cut off his hair to the style below: one word WOW~~~~ SO SHORT!!!!

He just tweeted just now on twitter saying that:" My heat's devil and angel hahaha"

Which one do you like the most??? Devil Min or angel Min??? XD

Sunday, March 11, 2012

2AM revealed I Wonder If You Hurt Like ME Music Video!!!!

2AM finally released their brand new mini album-- F.Scott Fitzgerald's Way Of Love. JUst now they had reveled the official MV for I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me-- the 5 minutes long MV brings out the story of the song!! You guys must check it out!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2ne1 unveiled Scream Japanese single music video (short version)

2ne1 will be releasing their first japanese album this coming 28th March. The album named Collection will have the songs from the Korea's album including I m the Best, Ugly etc but all in Japanese XD. Recently they had released the short version MV for the single --SCREAM. Check out the short MV looks cool!^^ Remember to support their album!! 

Big Bang revealed Fantastic Baby music video!!

Big Bang finally revealed the Music video for Fantastic Baby today after Bad Boy and Alive MV!! Check it out now!!! I think the visual effect is good enough!! What's your opinions??