Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In the memories of Park Yong Ha~~

~Park Yong Ha~
(1977.8.12 -2010.6.30)

Do you guys remember Winter Sonata(2002)???
Kang Sang Hyuk who are Yu jin's childhood friend which also in love with her?

 On Air (2008), Lee Kyung Min?
That's Park Yong Ha oppa. He left us today morning that brought a shocked to the Korea and also other parts of the world. Everyone is sad because of the sudden news. Jaejoong( Hero) from DBSK who are closed with him is really sad because of this. Every friends of Yong Ha's oppa were very sad because of this. I watched the vids where So Ji Sub oppa and others sending off Yong Ha oppa, my eyes was full with tears and it drops at last. That was the same feeling  i felt during early of this year when my friend leaved us using the same way too...

Yong Ha oppa was an actor and also a singer who were enjoying his acting and singing career. But maybe due to his father's illness and other reasons, he was feeling depressed, he choose to leave this world. We can't do anything now, we can't blame him for choosing this road. The only thing we can do is pray for him. Wish him will be happier and better than now in the other world...........

So buddies, if you have any problems try to talk with your friends, don't keep it by your own, this is a serious social problems now. Not only in Korea, try to express your difficulties when you are having problems to your friends or families.

Park Yong Ha

Monday, June 28, 2010

No other No other version C~~~~

Version C is out?????

I heard Kangin's voice in The Short Journey!!!!!!!!!!
Don't worry Kangin, it's only a short journey~~~~

All My Heart is with you guys now!!!!!

Shake it up Remix version with all the ELFs!!!!!!!

Now my player is really No Other

All My Heart with romanized lyrics on screen~~~~

No Other with lyrics on screen~~

source: sj4jib youtube, XDDDD30 youtube,WorldsSapphireBlue youtube

Are you ready for solar????

~Taeyang ~
We are ready for Solar
don't makes us wait so long!!

Let's enjoy the teaser!!!!

Ok final teaser??? Good let's wait for 1 of July XD

Credit: Youtube (rosielovesBB) &

Friday, June 25, 2010

No other is out!!!!!

~~Neo gateun saram tto eopseo   juwireul dureobwado geujeo georeohdeongeol eodiseo channi~~

---No Other~~

I am so addicted to it now
I am loving it

Super Junior YOU are the best !!!!!!!
I can't wait for the other 3 new tracks!!
Sure will be good too!!!

Hwaiting SUJU

Thursday, June 24, 2010

June what a wonderful month~~~

What will you think with this word?

it's only a month
it's only a date
it's somebodies birthday

Is it important to you?

For me it is important
Before this
I don't even know there are lots
of kpop artist's birthday is in JuNE

This few days
Wookie 21/6, Yonghwa,Minho 22/6
today is Nickhun's 24/6
Tomorrow is Rain's 25/6

Hemm i am not so familiar yet with kpop
since my biased is only SUJU
But 1 thing i know
there are many kpop artist is having the same birthday month as me

Happy 3rd Monthsary ^^

3rd monthsary

Happy 3rd Monthsary 
to all my dear buddies!!!

I wonder how many buddies remember this??
Hope you guys can remember it

I am not going to write long here
Cause i don't know what i should write
and looks like not much buddies visit here

Anyway i will still write something to cheer up this bloggy
Now i will start

To our buddies 
who are busy with their schools, college,uni,working
work hard in your studies and works
visit here only when you are free 
'emoter mode'

I will be here with you all
as long as you guys remember

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

tough job~~ XD

Wow Wow Wow
embedded a music play list is such a tough job
but it cant beat meh

Finally have a beautiful
(oops not so i think)
play list out
as long as having songs on our webby,blog
it's fine to me

Hope our buddies can listen to those songs while surfing our bloggy and webby

Anyway tell me what songs you guys wanna listen
so that i can search and add to the play list
so call of update the play list

Current play list is only from my own, Heyna and Choco's suggestion
Want to dedicate any songs???
Tell DJ Wens

Monday, June 14, 2010

Comeback Stage

Hey Hey Hey
Wow starting from this month there will be lots of groups having their comeback stage
First is SS501, Wonder girls
Then will be B2ST and Shinee

Some of them will be coming to Malaysia too
including Ukiss, B2ST, Brian....
This is so excited
Although i can't attend any one of them 
i am really happy that there are more and more 
Korean artist coming to Malaysia 
for their album promotion or concert.

Hope there will be more coming after this
I am sure all the fans here will be really excited for it.

Well for myself
I am waiting for Super Junior Super Show 3
I can't manage to go SS2
This time 
I must go SS3


Friday, June 4, 2010

~~~Wedding Dress~~~~

I am not a big fan of Big Bang
But after i listen to this song
~Wedding dress~
I started to like Big Bang
but still not as much as Super Junior

I like the MV for the wedding dress

Kind of sad because Taeyang cant make it to propose to the girl he likes
His best friend got to propose before him
so sad

I wonder if  there is real situation happening in the real world
Your best friend got the things that you wanted the most before you
I think i will be like Taeyang
being a sad person in the corner

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


No matter what happens...
Super Junior will have 
as their supporters forever!!!!!!!!

Twitter worldwide trending
no 1.
good job ELFs
Let's continue it till the end!!!

Get out of the way
You only know how to spam huh???

It's not SuJu's fault to cause that incident
Everyone have the responsibilities
the organizers, the fans

I wonder why those antis only bash super junior?
There are other artists performed there
Not only super junior 

ELFs will unite 
when someone gonna bash our beloved Super Junior


We will continue to protect Super Junior!!!!