Monday, February 28, 2011

Super Junior M Perfection (Korean and Taiwan version)????

LOL, i am laughing here seriously. Luckily it's not because of somebody spamming the official page, it's just they wanna make some surprise???

Previously SM had revealed the Perfection MV and it gains a lot of views in just a few days  time. Then they make it private last 2 days, today we can see another 2 versions of Perfection MV in both Korean and Mandarin( lyrics more beautiful) along with the original MV being released last week. So let's enjoy all the MVs at once and see which one you prefer?? Korean or Mandarin??

Taiwan version with beautiful on screen lyrics XD

Korean version with strong 'electronic' sound

Original version of Perfection with more than 1,000,000 views last week before SM privatized it
Seriously they changed to the Taiwan version is better haha

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Miss A members cameo in Dream High too????

Dream High is going to have their final episode soon, so far how's the story?? Nice to watch right? My sisters, cousins are all watching this drama and our favourite character in this drama........SAMDONG!!!!!! Samdong is such a cute boy ^^ Love him XD

I found some pictures from Miss A's Jia and Fei 'Mandarin twitter' (WeiBo). Let's see what did they tweeted about......

Rough Trans: Today with SamDong~~took a picture too!! We can't omit his acting skills

这是发生什么事了?这位大叔麻烦你和我走一趟!!!想知道发生什么事吗?期待dream high吧!哈哈!!
Rough Trans: What is happening? This uncle please follow me! !!Wanna know waht it happening?Stay tuned for Dream High! Haha! !


我想说我也挺合适这身!嘿嘿! 猜我今天干嘛去啦
Rough Trans: I wanna say,i do look good in this suit! hehe! Guess what am i going to do today

对!我就是去客串dream high了! 快冻僵我了今天! 拍戏真的太辛苦了,在加上是大冬天!真是体会到dream high 演员们的辛苦!马上就要大结局了!希望一直关注的童鞋 继续关注!还没关注的童鞋 马上立刻看喔!
Rough Trans: Yes! I went for a cameo in Dream High!  It's freezing today! Acting is really tiring,and it's so cold! Realize how tiring the casts of Dream High! It's going to be last episode! Hope that those who are watching continue to anticipate! Those who not yet watch, watch it now!

So guys, keep anticipating for the last episode next week!!!!!

Dalmatian's Drama got hit by Inati???? What happen??

During the performance of Dalmatian on Music Bank yesterday, there's some accident happened......What did actually happen?? Let watch the performance yesterday. Pay attention on Daniesl(Drama) and Inati.....

Did you notice??? Awww Inati accidentally hit Drama's teeth and it's bleeding...
But that's what professional singer do--> continue singing like nothing happen XD
Good job Drama, Inati don't blame yourself it's an accident ^^

Someone had made the vids looks clearer....
It's only an accident...

Beast revealed the Japanese version of SHOCK MV

Beast finally released their Japanese version of 'SHOCK' MV ^^
" こにちわは Beast です"XD
Check it out below, いち、にち、さん、。。。CUE......
"Everyday i shock, every night i shock.."
I am sure they will be as popular as others who debuted in Japan.
Enjoy the MV

Vids Credit: universalmusicjapan (Youtube)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Super Junior M Perfection Whole Album HERE

Super Junior M started their promotions journey at China and Taiwan this few days. They had been recording lots of TV programs and attended press conferences during this trip. Hope they can rest well before the Super Show 3 Manila tomorrow ^^ I am now spazzing on Super Junior M everyday LOL. Check out their whole album's audio below. I love the song Love Is Sweet by Jay Chou and Destiny SWEET!!!!!!! True love and Off My Mind not bad too. And last but not least My All Is In You Chinese version!!!! Now i understand the meaning of the song!!!! LOL Enjoy it guys XD


Love is Sweet (By Jay Chou)

True Love

Off My Mind (Henry)

My All Is In You (Chinese Version)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy 11th Monthsary!!!!!!! Prompting to 1st anniversary!!!!!

Finally the last month till our 1st anniversary.

Happy 11th Monthsary guys ^^

So excited now. Dunno why...LOL
Maybe it's meaningful because 24th Feb is our monthsary and also BigBang Comes back??? 

It's such a long way for us to reach today XD. Well our blog is gaining some traffic but not that much as we only share the news we like haha. Hope you guys like it. Hemmmm come back to the anniversary, our contest #1 is going to end soon, so do send in your 'letter' for your bias if you wanna win some kpop goodies from us!!!!   Contest#1 Link  
We are in the plan of Contest #2 soon.... Will let you know what's the stuff you need to do ^^
Well need to rest now it's 1am +KST here now...So good night kpop lovers ^^

BIG BANG 4th Mini album is OUT finally!!!!!!!! #bigbangisback

After waiting for more than 2 years, now they are finally back with the 4th mini album!!!!!

VIPS!!!! Check out their full album below while it's still available ^^

Intro-Thank you & You

Hands Up


Somebody to Love

What is right


Big Bang TONIGHT teaser is out!!!!! #bigbangisback

OMG!!! The long waited comeback of BigBang!!!!! Finally they are back TONIGHT!!!!! I am sure VIPs are very excited with their coming back. Let's watch the teaser of TONIGHT mv XD

Sing Along~~~ Tonight.... Tonight.... Tonight~~~
Tonight is the day of BigBang comeback!!!!!!!
Hope they reveal the full MV soon!! Can't wait!!!!

OMO i found the full audio!!!!

#foreverukiss @90KKB @alexander_0729

 How come this kind of things happens nowadays, recently KARA, now UKISS????

Awwww iam gonna miss kibum and xander if they leave ukiss TT. Well i am not a big fan of ukiss but i like them. You ask me WHY? Well they are ubiquitous right? That's why i like them.(Simple answer) I like to 'talk' with them on twitter actually.  They are fun because they will 'talk' to KissMes especially on twitter^^) Sometimes i tweeted to them, they will response generally but i feel like they are replying me,though i know this is only coincidence XD. But this kind of reply makes me happy all the way. I do hope that Kibum and Xander will not leave Ukiss, but KiBum already signed the agreement with NH media to terminate his contract. What we can do now is only wishing him all the best with his Piro Piro business, BUT KIBUM!!!!! Please do comeback Ukiss if you miss them, i am sure they will be happy that you can return. For Xander, KissMes do hope that you will continue to be part of Ukiss, SO please STAY as long as you can!!!!

@90KKB tweeted this recently:

안녕하세요 유키스 기범
아니 정확히는 유키스로 활동했던 김기범입니다

두달을 미루어오다 드디어 용기내어 글을 써내려 가볼까 합니다
우선 결론부터 말씀드리자면 2011년 2월부로 저는 소속사와
전속계약을 합의해지 하였습니다

멤버교체를 원한 소속사와 해지요구에 따라 동의서를
작성하였으며, 그 날 이후로 유키스가 아니게 되었습니다
많은 분들이 생각하신 것처럼 피로피로 캐릭터 사업에 몰두하기 위해서...또는 유키스에 흥미가 떨어져서 라는것과는 전혀 다르다고 생각합니다

유키스를 누구보다 소중하게 생각했으며 피로피로 캐릭터 사업으로 인해 유키스 스케줄에 지장을 준 적 또한 단 한차례도 없다고 자부합니다..
가족같이 아니 그 이상으로 멤버들을 생각해왔습니다 이렇게 헤어지게 된것이 정말 섭섭한 마음이지만 제가 모자란 부분이 많아 유키스에 교체가 필요할 것이라는 전 소속사의 의견또한 존중하는 바입니다.

비록 이렇게 어찌보면 일방적으로 헤어지게 되었지만 너무나 많은것을 배울수 있었고 많은 사람들 그리고 유키스 멤버들을 만날 수 있었기에 감사했습니다

이 몇줄의 글이 그간 저를 사랑해주셨던 분들에게 큰 상처가 될 수도 있다는것에 기분이 착잡합니다.
한 동안은 개인적으로 방송활동을 이어갈 예정입니다
제가 어디에 있어도 무엇을 해도 응원해주시는 모든 분들께 감사드리며 방송인이자 사업가인 김기범으로 찾아뵙겠습니다



Hello it's U-Kiss' Kibum
No, to be accurate, it's Kim Kibum who was once active as U-Kiss.

After two months of rumours, I have gathered the courage to write this.
Firstly, in summary, starting from February 2011, I have come to an agreement with the company on the termination of my contract.

I had requested to leave the company who wanted a change in members, followed by signing an agreement. After that day, I was no longer part of U-Kiss. Many people say that it is because I am too absorbed in the Piro-Piro business... Or that I have lost interest in U-Kiss but that is definitely not the case.

Nobody is more precious to me than U-Kiss and I can confidently say that I have never once given up on a U-Kiss schedule because of Piro-Piro. I wrote this with my U-Kiss members in mind, who are like family, no, are more than family to me. Although I feel very sorry to leave like that, I will respect my previous company if they choose to add new members to replace me.

Although it looks like I left unwillingly, I am very thankful to have met many people who taught me a lot, as well as my U-Kiss members.

The above is written for the people who love me and I'm deeply sorry if it causes you any hurt.
For now, I have plans to continue my broadcasting activities.
While thanking everyone who will support me wherever I am and whatever I do, I will see you again in broadcasts or as an entrepreneur. 


Translated by: kissmekevin
Edited by: aershel

Extracted from Allkpop: 

“With Kim Kibum’s case, we made a mutual agreement to terminate his exclusive contract recently. With Alexander’s case, he may be leaving U-KISS, but after a very long discussion, we decided that he will be remaining with the agency to fulfill his personal, overseas activities.”

“We think very importantly of the time we spent together with the two members, and we’re thankful for the time we sweated together. Even though we have ended his exclusive contract, we hope that we can maintain a good relationship with Kibum, who is still a family member in our hearts. Also, as his former agency, we hope to help him in a variety of ways in the future.”

“Through these happenings, U-KISS will reborn as a more mature and developed team. There will be two new members of U-KISS who will reinforce the group’s comeback next month, and they are currently working hard with the other members. We will be revealing the new members to the fans soon.”

NH Media concluded, “We thank you again for showing interest in U-KISS, and we apologize for causing concerns.”

Source: Newsen via Nate

Credit: Allkpop, @ukissmeph(twitter)

Big Bang is coming back TONIGHT-- 12:00 am 24th Feb 2011



They had released the teasers of their comeback, check it out below!!

Big Bang album intro track--Thankyou & You

TOP teaser spot #5

BigBang Comeback Countdown teaser

Monday, February 21, 2011

BigBang Comes Back Teaser Spot#4


Let's see who's in the teaser today and check out more jacket photos revealed today ^^
2 more days to go..... Can't wait anymore haha 
SO what we can do now is to save down their jacket photos!!!!! 

Super Junior M 太完美 Too Perfect/Perfection MV is out!!!!!!!! #SJMPerfection

OMG!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS TOO PERFECT!!!!!! Spazz on the video for whole hour since just now hahahaha. I think i am not going to sleep today because of the MV!!!!!! You guys rocks!!!!!
Eunhyuk and Henry good job on the rap!!!!! Previously i had made a good guess on the rap without seeing the lyrics. Not too much difference from my guess so happy ^^

I love this part the most, all of them got freeze in the air!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!
Agree with me?????
aigoooo why they privatized the official MV???
Is it because of spammers???
Let's watch the MV again and again!!! LOL

Here's the updated lyrics with romanization

東海)她迷住我视线 她迷住我视线

(始源)在愛情裡的寶藏被我發現 你只是我心臟的 稀世寶貝
(圭賢) 你不斷地
在正反我世界 連冰塊遇見你都燃起火焰

(Henry) 太過心急不對
(東海)哦 太完美 你眼裡我出現 哦不讓誰 替我在你身邊 喔~
(周覓) 妳的媚眼 妳的側臉 妳的頸肩 妳的嫵媚 妳的一切 從頭到尾 我已淪陷

(圭賢) 我的心變成了口袋的一面 Just For you不停的給不停的給
(厲旭) 這樣子愛妳到底是對不對 我一邊疑惑 一邊更加迷恋
(晟民) 太過心急不對
(圭賢) 哦 太完美 妳眼裏我出現 哦 不讓誰 替我在你身邊 喔~
(Henry) 妳的媚眼 妳的側臉 妳的頸肩 妳的嫵媚 妳的一切 從頭到尾 我已淪陷

(圭賢) 哦太完美~ 哦不讓誰~ 哦太完美~
(周觅)每次见面是脉搏当机了 她在我全身狂跳不由己

银赫) 一直跳 一直跳 想著你
(東海)一直跳 一直跳 喜歡你
(银赫)一直跳 一直跳 都是你
(银赫)一直跳 一直跳 我愛你
(银赫,Henry,東海)一直跳 一直跳 一直跳 一直跳

(晟民) 太過心急不對 (历旭)用力愛會碎 (晟民)太過緩慢不對(历旭)我隨著心後退
(始源) 哦 太完美 你眼裡我出現 哦 不讓誰 替我在你身邊 喔~
(圭賢) 妳的媚眼 妳的側臉 妳的頸肩 妳的嫵媚 妳的一切 從頭到尾 我已淪陷

(銀赫) Bounce to the music let your feet go round
To the floor and imma break it down
Let me in Let me show you all my bling bling
And all my kicks kicks baby dance with me

(Henry)Boom Boom Boom
Can i get another Clap Clap Clap Let's Go
Shake it body Move your body Pick you feet up
Imma move to the groove Baby imma go all out

给我说 你想
给我说 你爱我

Romanization (pinyin):
(Donghae) Ta mi zhu wo shi xian Ta mi zhu wo shi xian
(Siwon) Zai ai qing li de bao zhang bei wo fa xian Ni zhi shi wo xin zang de xi shi bao bei
(Kyuhyun) Ni bu duan de zai zheng fan wo shi jie Lian bing kuai yu jian ni dou ran qi huo yan
(Henry) Tai guo xin ji bu dui
(Eunhyuk) Yong li ai hui sui
(Henry)Tai guo huan man bu duo
(Eunhyuk)Wo sui ni jin huo tui
(Donghae) Oh tai wan mei Ni yan li wo chu xian Oh bu rang shui Ti wo zai ni shen bian woahh~
(Zhoumi) Ni de mei yan Ni de ce lian Ni de jing jian Ni de wu mei Ni de yi qie Cong tou dao wei Wo yi lun xian

(Kyuhyun) Wo de xin bian cheng le kou dai de yi mian Just For You bu ting de gei bu ting de gei
(Ryeowook) Zhe yang zi ai ni dao di shi dui bu dui Wo yi bian yi huo yi bian du zi mi lian

(Sungmin) Tai guo xin ji bu dui
(Eunhyuk)Yong li ai hui sui
(Sungmin)Tai guo huan man bu dui
(Eunhyuk)Wo sui ni jin huo tui
(Kyuhyun) Oh tai wan mei Ni yan li wo chu xian Oh bu rang shui Ti wo zai ni shen bian woahh~
(Henry) Ni de mei yan Ni de ce lian Ni de jing jian Ni de wu mei Ni de yi qie Cong tou dao wei Wo yi lun xian

(Kyuhyun) Oh tai wan mei ~ Oh bu rang shui ~ Oh tai wan mei~
(ZhouMi) Mei chi jian mian shi mai bo jiu dang ji le Ta zai wo quan shen kuang tiao bu you ji

(Eunhyuk) Yi zhi tiao Yi zhi tiao Xiang zhe ni
(DongHae)Yi zhi tiao Yi zhi tiao Xi huan ni
(Eunhyuk)Yi zhi tiao Yi zhi tiao
Dou shi ni

(Eunhyuk)Yi zhi tiao Yi zhi tiao Wo ai ni

(Eunhyuk, Donghae, Henry)Yi zhi tiao Yi zhi tiao Yi zhi tiao Yi zhi tiao

(Sungmin)Tai guo xin ji bu dui
(RyeoWook) Yong li ai hui sui
(Sungmin) Tai guo huan man bu dui
(RyeoWook)Wo sui ni jin huo tui
(Siwon) Oh tai wan mei Ni yan li wo chu xian Oh bu rang shui Ti wo zai ni shen bian woahh~
(Kyuhyun) Ni de mei yan Ni de ce nian Ni de jing jian Ni de wu mei Ni de yi qie Cong tou dao wei Wo yi lun xian

(Eunhyuk) Bounce to the music let the feet go round
To the floor imma break it down
Let me in Let me show you all my bling bling
And all my kicks kicks baby dance with me
(Henry)Boom Boom Boom
Can i get another Clap Clap Clap Lets Go
Shake your body Move your body Pick your feet up
Imma move to the groove Baby imma go all out

Gei wo shuo ni xiang wo
Gei wo shuo ni ai wo

Gei wo shuo ni xiang wo Shuo ni xiang wo
Gei wo shuo ni ai wo

Gei wo shuo ni xiang wo
Gei wo shuo ni ai wo
Gei wo shuo ni xiang wo
Gei wo shuo ni xiang wo
Gei wo shuo ni ai wo

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who's the winner on Inki today???

So who's the winner on Inki today???

Guess who's performing with secret again today????
Check out the vids while it's still available 

Mighty Mouth feat soya- Tok Tok

Infinite- Before the dawn

G.Na with Black and White on Inki today

Check out G.Na's performance on Inki today ^^
Black and white.....
Like it or not you have to admit that she's cool in that outfits XD

BigBang reveals another batch of concept photos+ teaser

BigBang will be back on 24th, they are really good in playing the teasers game ^^

Releasing the teaser pictures day by day and the video teasers too LOL
Today their teaser pictures is a bit funny check it out below, but it's worth to be wallpaper

Stay tuned on for more updates ^^

Today's video teaser feat TaeYang 
3 days to go.....

Dalmatian Comeback stage on Inki with Not Him ^^

Dalmatian is back on Inki today, they brought us the song the man opposed/not him...
I love this song so much, it's so sweet you know?
Agree with me?

Oh yeah~~~~~Follow me Follow me
Yes i am following you guys XD, 'melting' here
Coming into your hearts, enjoy the vids while it's still available

I found a vids with MR removed on their performance during Music Bank
This is so so COOL!!!!!!!
Hwaiting guys 

Super Show 3 in Malaysia -Ticks are OUT for Terrace and Rock Pits!!!!

WOW that's the power of ELFs, the tickets for super show 3 had been sold off about 90% (in a few hours)on the pre-sale yesterday. 

Today the launched of online sale is also very fast too!!! Now all the terrace seats and rock pits are all sold off, the one left is only Category B [RM376] and C(U7, U19)[RM226]. 

But according to the organizer, RITS, rock pits tickets still available online and also at the selected ticketing outlets of Redtix. So do grab the chance ELFs!!!!!!

Participating AirAsiaRedTix Counters (20th FEB, 12 Noon)
Victoria Music Centre
1) Sg Wang – Tel: 603-2148 7208
2) Bangsar Shopping Centre – Tel: 603-2093 1093

Rock Corner
1) 1 Utama – Tel: 603-7725 5667
2) Subang Parade – Tel: 603-5636 9520
3) Mid Valley Megamall – Tel: 603-2284 1423
4) Ampang Point – Tel: 603-4251 0116
5) KLCC – Tel: 603-2161 9417