Monday, January 31, 2011

SPAO New Collection 2011

SPAO Latest Collection ^^

Actually i have lots of Hoodies jacket but not as colourful as SPAO's
Mine is all cartoons and major dark colour XD
Check out the different colour combinations as below ^^

 Woah Spazzing on Eunhyuk the whole night now with this stare LOL

I love this picture very much ^^ 

All Pictures credits and source: 110131 SPAO's Star Hoodie Collection Super JuniorCredits to. SPAO's Official Website | Shared & Caps by. Blue★Princez @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Reupload & Posted by: uksujusid (

Lady Hee Hee Button Hair at SS3 Singapore

Singapore SS3 ended successfully

Though there's some incident happened but i am sure Super Junior were enjoying the show and ELFs too ^^

Although i am not going there for this show but I am as happy as them...
You can see they are enjoying it through twitter

Lady Hee Hee with Button is the most active hahahaha

Lady HEEHEE in Singapore!! Button Hair (by. Sun O)

LOL evil look GeamGyu

@shfly3424 싱가폴콘서트 무사히끝내고왔어요 ㅎㅎ이제곧있을 발리드콘서트열심히준비해야겠네요~ 고마워요엘프!!
Trans: Singapore Concert ended successfully haha Now should be harworking on preparing for the Ballad Concert~Thank You ELF!! (Credit: mysj_malaysia)

Weee Yesung's Selca Nice????

SiWon went to the Church at Singapore ^^

@ShinsFriends 싱가폴다녀왓습니다 !!^^ 싱가폴은 야경이 끝내죠요 ~~ 호텔에서찍은 야경!! 와우 !! 써프라이즈!!!!
Trans: Come and back from Singapore!!^^ Singapore At night really great~~Taking photo of Singapore night(view) in the hotel!!Wow!!Surprise!!!! (Credit:mysj_malaysia)

Check out some fancams from SS3 Singapore 
(Video credit: yellowlemon98 +XINMSN -->Youtube)
You won't regret it's really HD version 

Paradise Ranch OST by BoA+ Yesung

Have you guys watch Paradise Ranch casting by Lee Yeon Hee + ChangMin?
The drama seems like interesting 
Don't forget to get a glimpse on it^^

Check out the OST by BoA and Yesung
Weeee Yesung sings solo again ^^
'Waiting for You' for a long time XD
Kim Jong Woon you are JJANG
I love the song though it's a bit sad

BoA's OST is nice to listen too 

Though both songs are a little bit sad but it's a good ballad
Agree with me???

Super Junior 5th Album title track--Gotchanumba??????

Suju's 5th album coming out soon??
There's rumour that their title track will be composed by American composer
and the song title---GotchaNumba????
I am like HUH??? WTH is the song title LOL
GotchaNumba, i wonder what will be the rhythms of the song
Let's wait for the official announcement from SM

Check out the American composer's twitter that mention about Super Junior, seems like they are interacting well with ELFs on Twitter.
Check out some of the tweets by @goodwillbeats ELFs try to follow him if you want to know more about the deal between them and ELFs XD

 Shout out 2 all of my new followers! Can't wait til you guys hear our Super Junior record sometime in the future!

 I'll make u guys a deal: if @MGIproducer & I both hit 1000 followers this week, we'll make a song for Super Junior fans in February. Deal?

LOL guys, I can't even believe it! TONS of followers :) I guess me and @mgiproducer owe you guys a SONG in February!!!!!!

So u know -- this song is gonna b for you guys -- The FANS :) -- we already did one for SUJU (#gotchanumba), so this song is gonna for YOU!

Thx for telling me who is in the group! I'm gonna get 2 know SUJU so much better now that all you ELFs are helping me :)

Also I didn't know that SUJU had elfs all over the world! Tell me where you guys are from...! (I'm from New York City)

The answer is the song we do for you ELFs will be sung by me and my team. To hear SUJU sing you need to wait for #gotchanumba to come out!

So ELF???? Wanna have a song by Super Junior's composer?Let's follow them LOL

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nickhun feat in Wilber Pan's MV?????

Wow this is cool i am shock when i first saw the picture XD
Looks like Taiwanese singer is going to invade Korea market or vice versa?

Wilber Pan is back with his new album 808

Recently he had tweeted the picture taken with Nickhun from 2PM
Looks like they are collaborating in his MV ^^
Anticipating for it Korean +Taiwan
Actually this is not the first time Wilber works with Korean
His first collaboration with Korean is during his last album, where Lee DaHae featured in his MV
Shuang Ren Wu
Check out the MV below :
They are both still connecting with each other on twitter
@ (Lee Da Hae's twitter)
Good friends they are
And now he is working with Khunnie for his new MV
He tweeted recently as below:
@Khunnie0624 there u go bro! Lets make this mv hot like fire haha give us the support yall~

Khunnie replied
@willpan23 too bad I didn't get to take a personal picture with you on my phone! Anyway I'm sure the MV is gonna come out gooooood! =]

Seems like Wilber is not good in using twitter yet^^
Will make sure the editing is good bro! Lets meet up if i go to seoul or if you come to taipei man ! “

Dahae Unnie replied him as below LOL
@willpan23 um...will? who u talking to? kk i think u should press 'reply button' so we know who that msg is for,,juss like how ive put ur id @willpan23 first bfore i start writing da msg to ya

Dahae unnie is a good teacher right?Now he is good in replying people LOL
@Khunnie0624 Will make sure the editing is good bro! Lets meet up if i go to seoul or if you come to taipei man ! Was fun working with u!

Today he tweeted to Khunnie again
@Khunnie0624 new group "2PN" Pan + Nich lol heres Pan showing off some magic trick on his iphone and his panda app

@willpan23 got me all confused and freaked out! Hahahah fun app man~ and guys check out MWBamboo app on itunes! Funnnnnn~ (its Will's app)

Looks like Wilber is now good friend with Nickhun too ^^
Anticipate for their MV
Coming soon ^^

Saturday, January 29, 2011

LeeTeuk with f(x) Krystal ???

Enjoy Today new project
Ballad song ^^
Check out Teukie oppa and f(x) Krystal's duet on a ballad song for Enjoy Today

The song's title-- Grumbling
It's sweet isn't it
Teuk oppa surely can sing ballad ^^
Hwaiting oppa hope to listen more ballad song from you

Credit: Allkpop, bhuentertainment(youtube)

SUPER JUNIOR IN Singapore!!!!

Super Junior arrived at Singapore!!!!!!
SS3 will kick off later :29th and 30th January at SG Indoor Stadium
ELFs!! Get ready to sing along with them 

@Heedictator tweeted Beautiful Singapore!! Clean Clean!! 근데 이건 야경을 찍은거야 셀카를 
찍은 거야ㅡㅡ
Rough Trans: Beautiful Singapore!! Clean Clean!! But now (i'm) taking scenery photo or selca photoㅡ

@special1004 여기는 싱가폴..참 아름다운 곳이라고 느껴진다..^^그런데 우리차 따라오는건 좋은데..조심히오세요...7중앞뒤로 추돌사고..죽을뻔했어요...ㅠㅠ
Rough Trans: This is Singapore..a place which is getting prettier & prettier..^^although following our car is unavoidable but please becareful...7 cars accident at the same time,it's really scares me...ㅠ

Wow Heenim's tweet get on twitter again hahahaha

Clean Clean is now on the trend LOLOL
@Shortyawards should give the price to Heenim!!!!!

Besides, ELFs who's stalking them please do take care of yourself and Suju Oppas
We don't want anyone to get hurt because of stalking. ^^
Enjoy the show for those who are going SG SS3  later XD

Trans Credit: mysj_malaysia (Twitter)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Super Junior Foresight +HeeTeuk

WOW spazzing mode
ELFs are waiting for Super Junior at Singapore's hotel and airport
I am here watching their show 
Foresight is so damn nice to watch
Be sure to watch it, you won't regret it^^
So in love with their performances 

They had a small accident during on the way to Singapore hotel
HeeTeuk is on Twitter trending because of this 

Their van stooped by the roadside just now
But luckily they are alright ^^
Don't worry

Ok let's continue to Foresight 

You makes me fall in love with you more and more !!!!!
'Fan girling' mode XD

LOLOLOL arguing at first but at last????

Oppa Be careful ~~~

Teukie oppa can ACT!!!!! Find him to act in some drama or else!!!! XD

Hahahaha did you see Shindong and Eunhyuk run far away??? XD

Credit: 10YangSJ (Youtube)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Big Bang Invite you to Big Show!!!!!!

Big Show is coming soon
One more month!!!!!!
VIP!!! Get ready for it XD

For now let's see who's inviting us to their Big PARTY
Surprise LOL

Anticipate for more invitation vids from other members XD

VVIP Live performances ^^

Mr Seungri was on Mnet Countdown today ^^
Check out his performances today
VVIP is back !!!!!
I break it down down down~~~~~~ 
Break it down down break break it down down ........
OMO Can't stop singing LOL
Love the live performance
Enjoy it ^^

And for your information he had won the chart on Mnet today ^^

Amber is back!!!!!!!!

f(x) is coming back soon?????

Amber is back to the team?????
Anticipating for their comeback?????

Check out the photo below ^^

Amber is finally back after the long recovery leave for her ankle injury
Well can you guys see where's Amber? 
Hope to see their comeback soon
We are waiting for so long for this moment ^^

Credit: Allkpop, Daum

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Released tracks for Paradise Ranch OST!

f(x) and TVXQ tracks for Paradise Ranch OST is released!

Paradise Ranch is a new drama where Changmin from TVXQ is being casted. 
Shim Changmin plays a role of Han Dong-joo. His role is the grandson of a tycoon who behaves as he pleases. He is sent to the beautiful island of Jeju to develop a resort but ends up living in his ex-wife's house.

Take a look at the released tracks :) ;

TVXQ - Journey

f(x) - is it ok?

Awesome right? Please anticipate TVXQ's Max acting!!! weeeeee ^^
Please stay tune for more updates :D

credits; allkpop, kpoptoday, hancinema

Oh! My school episode 7 is subbed!

Hey everyone!
Has everyone been catching up on Oh! My school????
keke. Anyway, episode 7 has been up and subbed.
Be sure to catch it! 
There is Super Junior's Eunhyuk, SHINee's Choi Minho and many more idols in this episode!!

Here is the subbed parts of episode 7,

Do watch! It is a must! hehe :D

credits; pikeyenny 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random twitter picture from Super Junior

XD i am gonna spam here with Super Junior stuff again 
Super Junior is now at Japan for SmTown Concert
Just wanna post something interesting 
Let's start with @Heedictator who is at the top nominations for Shorty Awards ^^

日本 Shibuya 109 (With Lee Hong Ki)

Hee & Hongstar in SIBUYA (LOL that guy at the back )

Looks like Heenim met with HongKi at Japan for this SMtown trip ^^

Small head Teukie??? XD

Heenim tweeted about Teukie oppa playing games and he don't have the chance to play it haha

Hee Chul & Lee Teuk Black & White 極 對 極 83 Friend
83 Lines of Super Junior ^^
Wow within half hour  Hee Chul & Lee Teuk is on the twitter trend now!!!!
Way you go ELFs!!!

After 10 minutes.......
WOW ELFs you are JJANG!!!!

Move on to next member, Siwon
Athena bigstar Siwonie LOL

Oh, he have a new pet, Beckham????
The puppy is cute isn't it???

Next, Wookie who are preparing for the SMtown Concert

오랜만에 에셈타운콘서트하니 좋구마잉~~^^ 맛있는것들 많이 먹고 잼나게 놀고 가야지~~!! ♬~~
It's been a long time from last time SMTOWN Concert~~^^ I want to eat a lot delicious food and must having a lots of fun ~~!! ♬~~ (Credit: mysj_malaysia )

Yeah you should take lots of Japanese food this trip ^^

Last one for today, Shindong

Shindong oppa's pants was exposed during the SMtown concert aigooo

Happy belated 10th Monthsary!!!!!

I forgotten the monthsary!!!!!
Forgive me guys XD
How can i be such forgetful these days, too busy preparing for new year ^^
Sorry guys 

Luckily Heynie remind me yesterday,i should not be forgetting the monthsary awww guilty me....
I think not much buddies that remember this, actually i thought about it last week and was planning on what should i write for the 10th Monthsary LOL
Never mind i will write it now, FORGIVE ME guys!!!!!! I promise the 1st anniversary won't be like this as we will start planning for the FIRST EVER ANNIVERSARY of K-addicters.
So who wanna join the party??? 
Comment here on what should we do on the anniversary coming this March 24th ^^
We will try our best to make the anniversary best ever XD

Besides that, let's welcome our new writer,Noober-writer who had start joining us since last year but only now she will start writing ^^ I am in good mood as i am not the only one who are posting blogs here now LOL. Our admin, Heynie is working hard too in helping me to post blog XD. 

So let's work hard buddies
Let's spread our love for KPOP !!!!!

Let's join us and tell us
what's the hot song on your playlist now??
Or which concert or fan meet are you going to attend???
Or what kind of news you wanna know from us????

I am preparing to buy Malaysia SS3 ticket soon haha
So what' your plan?? Tell me!!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

SpaceBigStar For Shorty Awards???

Wow our Heenim is truly the king of twitter user!!
Why?? Because he had been nominated for Shorty Awards..
from what i know, this awards is based on the famous twitter user..
tell me if im wrong... hehehe :p
woot is that mean heechul going to New York???
Cool ha??!!
He will be representing Super Junior!! So elf don't you proud of him??

awww for this moment our Heenim is at the 3rd place behind justin bieber
and kim jae joong.. elf!! where are you??
don't wait anymore vote for our SPACEBIGSTAR now!!
show to the world who is SUPER JUNIOR!!
Super Junior hwaiting!! ^_^

my friends and i already voted for heenim and also for other members

uik, that's for fun only...
but for sure we need to vote for @Heedictator !!!
but remember !!
please vote for heechul one time in one day and vote everyday
if you vote 2 times in one day your vote will delete..!!

@Hyukiewens : I nominate @Heedictator for a Shorty Award in #celebrity because he is the famous BIG STAR in the SPACE KIM HEE CHUL!!!

@Hyukiewens : I nominate @Heedictator for a Shorty Award in #celebrity because he is my favourite twitter celebrity!!!!!!!

@HeyNaZR: I nominate @Heedictator for a Shorty Award in #celebrity because he the member of the best boy band in the world..

Super Junior already won the Mashable Awards Must Follow Personality

So nothing is imposible for Heechul to win this time!!
so elf make sure you vote for him...
maybe they will let suju perform at shorty awards ??!!
don't you wanna see them??
That will be a breaking news!
Justin bieber lost to super junior!! hahaha... sulol