Friday, April 30, 2010

SS501 maybe coming to Manila in July~~~

Fangirlasia is currently negotiating to bring K-pop boy band SS501 to the Philippines for a fan meeting in July.Triple S Philippines, the local fan club of SS501, has started accepting reservations from members for VIP seats that would cost P5,000 each. Fangirlasia has also opened an event page on Facebook to know how many fans will be attending the event.

BY:JONATHAN M. HICAP ( 18 April 2010,6.09pm) Source: Manila Buletin+Fangirlasia

Wow SS501 maybe going to Philippines...Hope they will visit more countries....^^)
For our dear budz who are their fans, be well prepared..haha.....

Heechul wrote something about his besties- Hankyung

2010.04.28 03:39
Title : R o s a c e a

There is a friend of mine.
The friend’s Korean isn’t the best but he’s amazing at Chinese
This friend’s singing is alright but he is really good at dancing
I like cats and this friend likes dogs
I can’t cook but this friend is good at cooking
I always cursed but this friend always laughed

Now that time has passed, I never did anything good for him kk
It’s making me sorry..
When he was next to me, I never did anything nice to him kk

I don’t self-pity myself usually..
I think I’m just drunk which is why I’m crying kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

It’s a special and sacred thing to have someone beside you
Though I grew up, I never realized that

A lot later….Now I know.. Wow..kkkk

There’s a reason why you should appreciate what you have

Saying “I miss him” is a phrase I can use now. (-┏)

The tears that never came out when I filmed sad scenes
Are coming down painfully now.

credit: allkpop and amyrain@sjfacebook

I am so touch with what Heechul had written

I think in Super Junior, Heechul is the one who will be really sad if Hankyung leave SuJu..

Really hope Hankyung will not be leaving SuJu..


Hankyung we will support you!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy birthday to our group...

HAPPY 1ST MONTHSARY TO OUR K-ADDICTERS GROUP...I wish that our friendship will be forever and it will never we still be as a one family in our group as our family is getting bigger...saranghe buddies...from the bottom of my heart...^_^

Let me see....What should i write today????

Yes, our first month of anniversary!!!!
24 April 2010..
Wow, the time past so fast,
Since last month,
Our group is 1 month old now!!!
~maligayang kaarawan~(Tagalog)
~saeng-il chugha 생일 축하~(Korean)
~selamat harijadi~(Malay)
~Sheng ri kuai le 生日快乐~(Chinese)
~tanjoubi omedetougozaimasu たんじょうび おめでとうございます~(Japanese)
~joyeux anniversaire~ (France)

For one month
Our budz being together,
Chatting in our happy world,
Many things we had overcome, shared together,
Either it's happy, sad or laughter....
I love sharing my feelings with my dear budz.

I am glad to be a part of kaddicters
I love my dear budz very much
Hope we will be together as a big family forever...
And continue to share our laughter, happiness, sadness together!!!!!!

So, tonight we will celebrate it at our chatroom????
We will continue to share our thoughts there,
Be sure to online then haha....
See you all there!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

requested by BEsh..LOL

The poem I made for my requirement in Literature..
Try to interpret what I what to say.^^keke

Good night
By: JinLuvRix

The night silence is very loud
As the cold breeze is blowing
Too afraid what is all about
Just kept myself hushing

Suddenly it comes
It makes me want to cry
Unable to calm
Tears unable to dry

All the miserable sadness
Those feelings like the sand
Will locked inside my heart, unless
It will fall through my hand

Searched for myself for endless nights
I wondered why the sky is so vast.
I wondered where the birds would flight.
I wondered if this would be my last.

Unable to calm down
Confusion starts running
Unable to cool down
Thoughts are full of nothing

Kringgggg the alarm clock rang
Oh it’s already six in the mornin’
As the morning birds sang
Another day will definitely begin

~Good morning!~

To my dear budz

All my beloved dear budz,
No matter what happens, just don't let this kind of rumor things to affect our feelings.
Maybe somebody is envy with the popularity of SuJu,
so they created this kind of rumour to make us feel sad.

We must be tough to defend all this tiny little things that may affect our feelings...
So my dear budz don't be affected with that....O.o
As long as there is no official news, then it is considered as rumors spread by 'someone'....

If REALLY, this kind of things cannot be avoided, then we still need to accept the fact..
We need to think positively....
Maybe they will have more opportunity than just to only performing in a group...
Maybe after sometimes they will be regathered and SuJu will re-debut again LOL..
Maybe they will still stick together and continue to perform as a group...
Just think in a positive way my dear budz....
Everything will be fine, Cheer up!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


As I read the article this afternoon about the possibilities that Super junior will be having thier last suddenly breaks my heart...a dead air ruled deep inside my heart and mind..and as i was thinking how could this happend?...
I cant imagine that our famous Super Junior will suddenly lost like!!!!K-ADDICTERS will against to it...
Can we still move on with this?..huhu i guess not...we are certified SUJU-holic...we love them so much..and they are our inspiration of doing our everyday living....
For me its another circumstances, a problem that I am facing ryt now...It's a big deal for me hearing this bad news....I don't want to see that suju members will be separated and they will work as a solo performer,actor etc..I want to see them performing together in a stage...huhu..with their happy faces,their funny moments etc...
I am in a deep frustrated, upset,depress etc..about this I wish that this news is not true and all of this are my terrible nightmares...T_T
It also hurts me knowing that my besh, dongsaengs, and unnies are so sad about makes my heart sinking,,a feeling that we are all in our dark days again..another trials that not only the suju are facing a crisis ryt now but k-addicters too..coz we are their avid fan, supporting them all the way...
Our group overcome some problems about a months ago..but here's another one...not a simple problem but a "huge" problem that we are carrying into our hearts now...T_T...
My only message to my K-ADDICTERS: Don't worry,let us hope and pray to God that everything will be back to normal and I think that this is still another trials to our group if how strong are we in times of facing such problems...let us comfort each other as a one family...All of you are my strength right now* tears starts to fall on my cheek*...All of you are my 2nd family...I hope that our group members will be their for each one of us..supporting each other, cares for each other and loves one another...I think we can overcome it if our family is close and tight like no one can distract or take it...I LOVE YOU BUDDIES...
For my hubby sungmin,and other suju members..please don't let this trials takes you down..and remember that your E.L.F Family and K-addicters group are still supporting you and we love you from the bottom of our heart....huhu

Is this what destiny plan for them?

Yesterday I felt so weird, I have no energy, I feel so down.-depressed mode
I don't understand why?! I don't have the reason why would I be depressed.
BEsh dybe, keeps on cheering me up. Nevertheless, I still feel down.

Today, Besh dybe texted me saying that there's a rumor about my favorite band.-SuJU
I tried to go online to check what was it. My dongsaengs, celine and alice keeps on
telling that they have cried a thousand tears. I asked Bhext alice, the reason. When she answered my questions, I don't know what to say. My mind went blank. MY heart stopped beating for a second. My hands got cold yet I'm soaking with sweat. Tears want to go out from my tear glands. .........GASUMI APPA.......

I keep asking, why does it have to end that way?! I know nothing will last forever. But, I just can't accept the way they will end. I know, the members are still present with their individual career's, but It's different when they are introduced as SUPER JUNIOR.

I hope I can overcome this sadness, I have idolized them since they debuted, September 2005. At first I just like how they dance, yet as times goes by, as I get to know them, I get attached to them. Friends says I'm addicted. So what?! They give me happiness.

The first korean boyband I know...
The first korean boyband I idolized...
The first boyband that I liked all the members not just one....
The first boyband I saw personally...
The first idols I saw on tv that is not likely like an idol...
I've idolized them as they mature for the past 4 years...
If this what fate calls for them... I'll continue supporting them.


Even though I dont have any idea about whats the real reason if why our beloved SUPER JUNIOR are facing some problems right now,,,but I wish that they will overcome it and solve the problems together as a SUJU13...:(

I'm so sad seeing them performing incomplete in the stage in each of their concerts...I hope that suju members will not leave their precious and fantastic group...huhu...

To our beloved SUPER JUNIOR: Please stay as super junior 13..please don't let any circumstances break ur brotherhood (as a one family).. ur E.LF. (me, us- he k-addicters group) will be sad if this will still continue...:(

No matter what happens...We will always support SuPer JuNior!!!!

~Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry 
Naega naega naega meonjeo 
Nege nege nege ppajyeo 
Ppajyeo beoryeo baby~~~

I am sure all of us are familiar with this song....
I love this song since the first time i listen to it..
though i don't understand about hangul but it's easy to memorize the lyrics....
This is the first song i heard from SuJu and started to like them...
Until now i am totally addicted with them..

Although the time i am in love with them is not too long 
But i found that they have their own personalities that can attract many fans (ELF) including me haha...

This is the first time i am so addicted to korean singers..
After the Sorry Sorry MV, I started to search for their other MV.
Next i start to recognise each of them since they are 13 members, in two days time i can know who is i am so proud of myself that time lol 

Now they are facing problems, i am sure all ELF know what is happening.....
They are so talented, each of them have their own talent...
They had overcome such a long time of training to get what they have today
Why must the company so harsh to them and to US the ELF.....
I don't want to see them being separated just like this
I am planning to go to Super Show 3; buying their next album 
not only the 4th album but next next next.......album.......

I hope they will not be separated and continue to sing, dance and do whatever with their talents.
Not for their own but for ELF who will be supporting them FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

HWAITING!!!!!!! SuJu

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

-Emoter Mode-

...I still remember that day, I was not in a good mood, so I decided to go online.
Accidentally I ran into a certain site and just chatted randomly to the people there.
Is it coincidence or it was fate that brought us together? I was ask if I wanted to be a
part of there group. I just answered yes without thinking. On that day, I was officially
part of K-addicterz. We have our own website. They made me one of the administrators.
It was fun, recruiting other members, meeting more friends, worrying about the website etc.
Until we met a trial for our group. I don't need to tell in details. Anyway, I was also thankful
to that certain event. The members we recruited were always at our back supporting us. It
was very touching...

...Now, I'm so excited going online and meeting this people, talking random things. It seems that
we created our own little world. At least, in our world, we our happy, we can understand each
other and we have freedom to do or say anything we want...

I hope someday we will meet for sure.

I wish the day all k-addicters will be together, talking, laughing, eating and hanging-out together.

end of emo mode^^


nyahahaha first uptade lols...

i feel that i am annoying orange today...(boredboredbored)
but i will share what i saw today:)
i was gonna buy the tvxq album b4 then...,
i find it expensive 550 (mahal!!)
so i saw this candy mag and it has suju,shinee,snsd and TVXQ.(the suju as in has the m)
i wanted the m though but my bro promised me to buy me one coz i did what he asked to do
well i hope i win the mirotic one :) prays!!

ja minna san!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

HQ Super Show 2 Manila -- Super Junior - Neorago & She Wants It

Super Show 2 in Manila - credit to tonijane016

I love this song very much!!!!!! Neorago!!!!!!!!!
I can see Hyukjae very clearly wow fantastic!!!!!!

HQ Super Show 2 Manila -- Super Junior Cute Kyu Hyun & Shin Dong Cuts

SS2 in to tonijane016

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sobrang saya ko!!!!!

I am glad to be a part of k-addicters.

In a month time, i already know lots of peoples to be my budz...

We chat a lot in our chatroom,
on everything...
of course including our addicted -korean pop!!!

Now i already learn a new language- tagalog (philipines)
Although i only know the basic of tagalogs
but i am feeling me myself as a part of my pinoy budz haha..

Our suggestioner, celine had comes out with a new idea
we will have schedule to learn some other languages besides english.

I am so happy (sobrang saya ko)!!!!! :D

I love you, Mahal kita, Wo ai ni, saya cinta pada kamu, aishiteru, saranghae

to all my dear budz!!!!!!!


Do you know what k-addicters means????

Welcome to the official blogspot for korean pop addicters.

Why say addicters?

Because we are all addicted.

There will be some features being uploaded soon.

In the mean time please feel free to visit our official site

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