Monday, November 29, 2010

Miss You MV is out~~~

Miss You MV is out
SM the Ballad-Really Missing you released their first MV today

Check out the MV ^^
You will see someone familiar in the MV 

SM the Ballad is really JJANG!!!!!!
Their vocal are so powerful!!!!!
Check out their full length audio below

Don't Lie (ft Henry SuJu M)

Hot Times

Love Again

Another Day

Remember to support them!!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

[Eng Sub] Love Pursuer ft YESUNG!!!!!

Let's see
Super Junior special of Love Pursuer
So Who will be the one??

Haha Yesung Yesung now it's your turn
Special thanks to YesungCenter (Youtube) for subbing it

Part 1/3
I am wondering who will be the Madonna girl ^^

Part 2/3
OMO Madonna don't touch my Hyukie haha

Part 3/3

So the result is JooRi
Yesung are right hahaha
Enjoy the vids ^^

Credits: YesungCenter (youtube) Entirely subbed by sadan & LaCrymaMosa

Friday, November 26, 2010

Miss you Miss you ~~~~ Sm The Ballad Audio

Miss You Miss You!!!!
Audio of Miss You was released today ^^
Check it out

So what would you say bout this song?
Good Ballad???
I would say JJANG XD
One of our admin are so addicted to it and cried because of this song 
Will you ????

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last 2 audio teaser before the release of Really MISSING YOU

We are really missing you LOL
SM The Ballad
Jay(Trax), KyuHyun (Super Junior), Jonghyun(Shinee) and Jino the newcomer

We are waiting for you guys XD

OK last 2 audio teasers before the released of the full album on 29th!! ^^
Combining the solo of Kyuhyun and Jay
Love again(Kyuhyun) + Another Day(Jay)

So which one do you like?
I prefer Don't Lie

Don't Lie Audio teaser
Hot times Audio teaser

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

8th Monthsary!!!!!!! Is this a good sign? #prayforkorea

I am counting like this now
4 months left till the official First Anniversary for K-addicters!!!!!!!

Guys how do you count??? XD
8th Monthsary is reaching in another 2 more hours from now-10.00pm
(p/s: the time when i write this post LOL)

So i heard from Philippines buddies they are planning to meet at Philippines.
How about other buddies???
Malaysia,Indonesia,Singapore,Europe,US and where else??
I will start planning for Malaysia buddies meeting then haha
How i wish that we can meet someday with other buddies from other countries ^^
Well so far i had tried my best to update the blog, FB, twitter
Reminder: We only share the news not the source of latest kpop news ^^
but I still need HELP to share the news too!!!! LOL
Should i open the inquiry for new admins? XD
Give me opinions!!!!!
Please do comment here or send us mail at ^^

Let's make a wish here upon our 8th Monthsary
#prayforkorea #peaceNoWar #protectTheEARTH
Happy Monthsary Buddies !!!!!!

Don't Lie by SM the Ballad

Second teaser for SM The Ballad --Don't Lie

So they are gonna 'tease' us until 25th?
Ok let's be patient then haha
Check out the second audio teaser ft SuJu M's Henry

Oh GOSH!!!!!!
This audio is so addicting~~~
Jonghyun +Jino and Henry
Their voice are JJANG!!!!!
I keep on repeating the part
~~Don't Lie~~~
haha how about you?

Really Missing You will be out on 25th,so be prepared!!!!!

Why are you being like this???

Why are you being like this?
T-ara is back with their brand new album and members
Let's welcome HwaYoung ^^

The MV is out today ^^
Their outfits looks like from 70-80's but it doesn't looks oldies 
wae ironi? wae ironi?
oh oh oh oh oh
Knock knock knock

Check it out below:

Romanized Lyrics:

Wae ireoni? Wae ireoni? Wae ireoni?

Nuneul ggambakggambak mami jjiritjjirit ddeolrini
Sum makhini aetani naege puk bbajyeossni

Oops Oops Baby boli ddeugeoddeugeo hatddeugo
Anirani ddansori jeongmal ireolggeoni

*Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh neoreul saranghae Like crazy
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh teojilgeot gateun ni mameul boyeojweo

**Wae ireoni wae ireoni jeongmal wae wae wae ireoni
Eoddeohge dapdaphae geuman naege nage waeirae
Irjanhi aljanhi nae mam da da da iljanhni
Saranghae johahae ije naege marhae baboya

***Knock Knock Knock Knock Can you hear me now
Knock Knock Knock Knock Just wanna love you now
welcome to your wonderland
everyday I Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock

Love me Love me Baby maeil neoman neoman saenggaghae
Dalkomhan kiss! SOS! nareul guhaejweo boy

Call me Call me Baby gaseum dugeundugeun moksori
Nokanaeryeo ajjilhae naege bbajyeobwa Boy

[RAP] Wae ddo jangnanchyeo geureoda dachyeo
Urireul wooyeonjjeumirago saenggaghajima
You're my bob unmyeongeul saenggakhajima
You're my boy unmyeongeul geoseureujima
Oneuldo yeokshi Baby Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Oh
You know my style gyesokiramyeon amuri jabado Say good bye

Wae ireoni wae ireoni wae ireoni
Knock Knock Knock Knock Can you hear me now
Knock Knock Knock Knock Just wanna love you now
Can you hear my knock knock All I want is you you
Knock Knock Knock Knock
***REPEAT Knock Knock Knock Knock


Why are you like this why are you like this why are you like this

Eyes blink blink, is your heart trembling trembling
Are you suffocating fretting have you fallen hard for me

Oops Oops Baby cheeks are red red hot red
Telling me no, saying other things, are you really going to be like this?

*Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh I love you Like crazy
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh show me your feelings that are about to burst

Why are you like this why are you like this why why why really why are you like this
What do I do? It's frustrating stop why why are you like this to me me
You know you know my feelings you already know everything
I love you I like you now tell it to me you fool

***Knock Knock Knock Knock Can you hear me now
Knock Knock Knock Knock Just wanna love you now
welcome to your wonderland
everyday I Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock

Love me Love me Baby everyday I only think of you you
Sweet Kiss! S.O.S! Save me Boy

Call me Call me Baby your voice making my heart race race
Going to melt I'm dizzy fall for me Boy

RAP] Why are you joking around again, by doing that I'll get hurt
Don't think of us as fate
You're my boy don't try to change our happenings
Today once again Baby Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Oh
You know my style If you continue being like this, no matter how many times you try to hold on Say good bye

Why are you like this why are you like this why are you like this
Knock Knock Knock Knock Can you hear me now
Knock Knock Knock Knock Just wanna love you now
Can you hear my knock knock All I want is you you
Knock Knock Knock Knock
***REPEAT Knock Knock Knock Knock

Cr: mnet + Elly (romanizations) + maknaes. (translations) + Diadem
Source:Fouge642 (youtube) & Allkpop

Monday, November 22, 2010

2AM show in 3D !!!!

2AM will be performing their mini concert --2AM SHOW in 3D !!!!

This would be cool to watch a performance in 3D ^^
Check out the vids on the teaser of 2AM Show

JoKwon keep on tweeting on twitter mentioning the show tonight ^^
So, I AM!!!!!!! remember to stay tuned for the show 

SMTheBallad --one word WOW

SMEnt new project---SM The Ballad
I am gonna say a word here WOW WOW WOW

This is really cool combining Trax-Jay; Super Junior-Kyuhyun ; Shinee-JongHyun, newcomer-Jino
They had released the audio teaser on the official site

Check out the audio below:

Everyone's vocal is strong in the teaser, agree??
I can't wait for the full song out XD
Faster release it haha

LeeMinHo and KimBeom went out together?

I found something interesting from twitter XD
LeeMinHo and KimBeom went out together or it's just coincidence?
Check out the twitpics being posted by them ^^



Looks like they went out cycling together ^^
Agree with me???

Park Jung Min you are Not Alone

Park Jung Min is going to debut with his first solo album soon 

The album will be out on 25th November

The company had released the MV teasers for his first solo track--Not Alone
Check it out, the teaser contain a strong message of  'Not Alone'

According to his management company “Although Park Jung Min is alone without his members for this album, there are still a lot of people who are by his side cheering him on. This album is trying to convey this idea. Furthermore, the album also signifies Park Jung Min’s goal to gain a broader perspective and a bigger heart.” 

JungMin oppa you are not alone ,we will be here for you ^^
Hwaiting for your new album!

Credit: Allkpop, Sports Chosun

Super Junior JJang!!!!

Super Junior members had been actively involved in Drama and Musical performance recently.
Since Siwon acted in the drama Athena and Oh My Lady, 

Yesung too participated in the Musical drama--Spamalot. 

Now we can see more SuJu's members involved in drama and musicals which including 
KyuHyun, ShinDong, DongHae and Sungmin.^^

Kyuhyun will be performing in Musical --TheThree Musketeers 

Shindong acts in Doctor Champ as a judo exponent

DongHae acts in It's Ok Daddy Girl

SungMin  acts in President 

This is really impressive!!!!!
I am really happy that i can see them acting besides  singing and dancing XD
Can't wait to watch all of the dramas at once haha
Tell me what do you think ??
Super Junior is JJANG right????
Hope others can involved in drama or musical soon too ^^

T-ara is coming Back!!!!

T-ara will be coming back with a brand new combination of 7 members. ^^

They had revealed the concept photos of their second mini album

So what do you think about their concept for this album?
Red Indian?? XD
Their track--Why are you being like this will be out tomorrow with the MV
So let's be patient one more day for the MV ^^

The whole album will be out on 29th and their comeback stage will be on 3rd December (MuBank)
Mystic do stay tuned for their comeback stage!!!!!

Hyomin tweeted some pictures on twitter ^^

Credit:Core contents media, Allkpop

Alexander VS Zhou Mi ^^

Looks like Xander and Zhou Mi are close friends ^^
Lately today Xander tweeted on twitter mentioning that he will be going for buffet:

Having a rough shopping tho.. cuz couldn't buy ANY of the things I want!! -_-; Well~ decided to go for a yummy buffet for vengeance!! (♡o♡)/

I found out that Xander is going out with Super Junior M's member,
Zhou Mi.
Zhou Mi tweeted on Chinese version of twitter ---Wei Bo..
Trans: Dinner Live broadcast Part 1, Cantonese group in Korea, still need to learn more...

Check out the vids Zhou Mi loaded, Funny ^^

I can't link the vids here either go to Zhou Mi's personal Wei Bo to watch it

Here's ZhouMi's WeiBo

Found the subbed vids Thanks to superting13 (youtube) for subbing it ^^

They look cute together right? Learning cantonese, shopping and eating together XD. I like the way Zhou Mi called Xander 压力比山大(stress larger than the mountain)---Alexander's chinese nickname. Hope they have fun today ^^

Saturday, November 20, 2010

#ukiss =ubiquitous ^^

#ukiss is the TOP on Twitter world trend now 

Actually i am not sure why #ukiss is on the trend now BUT
whatever just trend it together will you???

 Ukiss members is on twitter now and they thank KissMes for trending #ukiss ^^
Kiseop who just sign up for twitter recently had tweeted to KissMes too 

@Kisseop91   #ukiss waaaaa thank you for trending!!!ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I love you

@90KKB    wow we r trending now! let me say u kiss kkk thanks kiss me!

@Kevinwoo91    is trending? So surprised! Thank you to all of our lovely Kiss Me around the world! We love you! Let's show the world what we can do!  

@alexander_0729  We PROMISE a better ~! Gonna work HARDER to bring u guys BETTER music & performances! Xander's gonna be crazier too~ LOL! GOD bless!♥

 There were times when we thought of giving up.. But this really is a great comfort & confirmation from our FANS!*^^* Our hope & strength!♥

 Seriously, I thought  wasn't good enough to deserve a world wide trending... Wow... This is so WOW... so touched by u guys~ ㅠvㅠ ♥XOXO♥

 Finally..... ㅠvㅠ  is TRENDING~!♥ HWAITING U-KISS-ME!! Thank u all  supporters! (ㅠ3ㅠ)/~♥

 Wow~!  is TRENDING!! \(^o^)/ Thank u guys!! Luv y'all!!♥

Awww Xander is such an EMOTER tonite XD~~~he said he will be CRAZIER???
ok KissMes let's be crazy with Xandernease
And remember to SUPPORT #UKISS!!!!!!
Feel like wanna trend #shutupitsUKISStime hahahahaha

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A~ing ♡ (아잉♡) MV is out

Orange Caramel is back with their second mini album ^^
Check out the song A~ing so 'fantasy' ^^
Just like in the story book XD

Red Riding Hood, Alice in the Wonderland, Snow White what else??? 
Oh yes Snow White riding the witch broom haha
One word KAWAII~~~~

Let's peep into the 'storybook' --A~ing ♡ (아잉♡)^^

Idol Maid B2st Ep 5 & 6 Eng Sub

GUYS just a reminder here:  the vids had been removed due to tracking down by the TV station 
Really sorry about that will try to search for the sub soon MIANHAE!!!!

Beast comeback with their mini album Lights go on again recently
Let's enjoy their previous TV show of Idol Maids ^^
B2St fiesta today spamming here with Idol Maids XD
Check out Ep 5 and 6 below:
Episode 5

Episode 6

Credit: janesg2010sub

Idol Maid B2st Ep 4 (Eng Sub)

GUYS just a reminder here:  the vids had been removed due to tracking down by the TV station 
Really sorry about that will try to search for the sub soon MIANHAE!!!!

Episode 4 of Beast on Idol Maid ^^ 
Enjoy the show XD

Credit: jeansg2010sub(Youtube)

Beast Idol Maid Ep3 Eng Sub

GUYS just a reminder here:  the vids had been removed due to tracking down by the TV station 
Really sorry about that will try to search for the sub soon MIANHAE!!!!

Many thanks to jeansg2010sub(youtube) for willing to share with us the sub of Idol Maid ^^
Episode 3 of Idol Maid feat Beast

Credits: jeansg2010sub (Youtube)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Latest Kpop Hot Clips

On behalf of HeyNaZR, I will post up an announcement here ^^

Check out our new feature on our webby
You can find the latest kpop HOT clips here~~ ^^

More activities will be coming soon ~~
How about you guys send us fanfics????
Or your letter to your Bias????
Well i had posted my fanfics, don't be shy just send in whoever is your bias XD

You guys can send us your suggestions or just comment here
Send it to us at

Gonna post it up here or on our webby


Monday, November 15, 2010

#b2utyfulmybeast COOL MV ^^

Beautiful MV is finally out today~~~
Let's rock the stage with them XD

The official MV of beautiful is out today and we can see the MV is 7 mins long

The story line looks interesting..
JunHyung and Gikwang with a Girl ^^

I love the dancing part of JunHyung & Gikwang
I like their students look too XD
The MV is to be continued????
This is only part one of the MV
Let's anticipate for PART 2!!!!!
#b2utyfulmybeast jjang!!!!

Alexander needs our HELP??? #Xandernese

Alexander needs our help~~~~
Let's help him XD
Looks like he's facing some problems about the phrase and some grammar stuffs LOL

Guys jot it down haha

First question
Hey everyone! R u guys busy?? Thought about something juz now so wanna ask.. help me solve this question~ ok? r u ready??

Q: ABK (American born Korean) r ppl who r Korean but born in US (Kevin and Eli). So do you call them ″American Korean″ OR ″Korean American″?

Cuz I hear English speakers say ″Korean American″ more , is that true?? Well, same thing as ABC (American born Chinese) Chinese born in US.

Got part of it! Should be ″AMERICA born Korean/Chinese″~ Got it! So wt about ″_______ American″ OR ″American _______″ ???

GOT IT! Like wt I thought. Should be ″______ American″ Thx for Wiki link!    

Second question
BUT then that's not the end guys~ Now, here's my REAL question. The main question I can't solve.

″____ American″ r ppl of ____ ethnicity born in US. Then y do we say ″Cherry tomato″ but not ″Tomato cherry″? Isn't it a cherry-like tomato?

 LOL~~~ I dunno y but I keep thinking bout these kinds of questions~ (=v=);

Greetings to all KOREAN AMERICAN~! 사랑해요!! HAHA~ Never thought it will trend becuz of me~

3rd Question????

 The FINAL challenging question comes guys... then WHAT AM I? Korean Chinese Macanese Spanish Filipino Portuguese Human?? LOL~~~

 Like this one: I'm a UNITE NATIONS~ Keke~ Or call me a fruit punch, ice kacang, halo halo, or wtever~ I'm Xandernese.

 I'm an UFO (Unclassified Freaking Obsession)~ LOL! Sorry guys... crazy again...

 Sorry.. i meant to say UNITED NATIONS~ Realised that... majority of u guys... r actually.. not really sane like me~~ LOL~ That's GOOD~ ^-^)b

 Actually one of my dream is to work at UN (United Nations) like Angelina Jolie~ (=v=)v Wanna work there for PEACE since I'm a UN too~

Not long after that, KOREAN AMERICAN is trending on Twitter trend until now
Nah ah... KOREAN AMERICAN did not trend becuz of me, but YOU GUYS~ U guys ROCK!♥ Thank you! ^-^)b

Then Xandernese appeared on TT trend too ^^
OMG.... XANDERNESE is trending becuz of YOU GUYS!! Is anyone Xandernese?? LOL~

If I suddenly get arrested for involving in some weird group/political group named Xandernese, you know WHO to blame~~~ Juz kidding~ LOL!

Wow.. u guys r powerful~ ^-^)b Korean American & Xandernese still trending~ May GOD bless all Korean American & Xandernese (if u r one~ LOL)

Now Xandernese is facing some DILEMMA LOL
 Xander was talking to Xander~ Welcome to my mirror world~ LOL~ RT @: ^^♥ hello~ UN ~~ ♥ ♥ 

 @ Hi mom~ How did u find this pic?? That was me arguing with a Xandernese~ LOL~ (ur son is crazy again..)     

I won't call that Moodlessland anymore.. sounds so depressing~ will call it Xanderland!♥ LOL~ A place where crazy Xandernese exist~ (*v*)/

Wow this is the power of Xandernese hahahaha