Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SS3 in QingDao-I love the VCR

Wow I am loving the SS3 VCR XD
Check it out, i bet you will love it!!!!

Glad to see they played happily in the vids
How i wish i am the kid in the VCR hahaha
I am impress with the KRY's chilhood vids awesome
SuJu T is funny too SULOL
I am so touch with the second last vids awwww
Vege Suju XD

Can't wait to go for SS3 Malaysia next year XD

Credits: Gyuhyun family,myhee,baidu &RaiBaka(Youtube)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

80th post on our blog

Let's celebrate it with something interesting.

The 80th Posts on K-addicters blog XD
I am gonna write a fanfic about my bias..
This might be my first and last fanfic
Who knows it may be a lousy fanfic ever posted hahahaha

Ok now let's start it
The title will be----

My dear bean sprouts a.k.a Asian anchovy—Love yah forever
Chapter 1
It’s been 3 yrs since we get together. The fate between me & my beloved bean sprouts^^
I really appreciated the moments we went out together, doing things together and etc....
One fine spring day after the busy schedule: In the kitchen having tea break
Me: Oppa, I wonder what will be the taste of anchovy fried with bean sprouts??? Do you think it’s a perfect match???
EH: Ne??? Anchovy & bean sprouts?? Ottoke? (Walk towards me and hug me from the back)
POV:Oh gosh why he always does this to make my heartbeat goes faster?? But I love it!!
Me: So you wanna try it tonite?? I will cook it for others too. I am sure Teukie oppa will love it XD
EH: (Looks curious) How do you know Teuk hyung will love it??
Me: Just wait until tonite, you will know why Teukie oppa loves it (Whispering near his ear)
This is how we interact since we met 3 years ago……
(to be continued)

Chapter 2

Still remember the moments when we first met. I am working part time as SuJu M’s language teacher. During that time, I am very close with Wookie because he’s my first crush. And FYI--Wookie is the 2nd most hardworking student of mine after Kyuhyun hahaha. Until one day, my dear bean sprouts came for visiting after his SUKIRA schedule. Wookie introduce me to him….
The first meet between us was funny and memorable. And starting from that day I fall for him…

Wookie: Hyung, let me introduce our language teacher--_____.
Me: Annyeong haseyo (I wanted to shake hand with him but he looks so shy XD)
EH: Annyeong haseyo (he said it in a rather shy mode but at last we shake our hand)
OMO this guy looks so shy when meeting girl.

My Korean at that time is not that good so I introduce myself roughly in a broken Korean language. Maybe he misunderstood my meaning he thought I am….
EH: Ahhh, nice to meet you..My hobby is collecting cars (In English)..Showing off his English LOL
Me: Ottoke??? Collecting cars???

Wookie and I burst into laughters XD. He showed his shy face once again that night. Wookie explain to him I am the Mandarin language teacher not teaching English…..
EH: Ahh Mianhae Mianhae…. “Ni Hao wo shi Yin He”(Hi I am Eunhyuk) { He tried very hard to speak in mandarin, It’s cute when he spoke mandarin}

That’s the first time I met him and the first time I had weird feelings for someone……

Give me some comments ^^))) The coming chapter will be posted on the webby check out our webby if wanna continue reading my fanfic ^^ XD kamsahamnida

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Genie--Japanese version

SNSD will be having the Japanese version of Genie....
The audio teaser is out recently
So, SONEs be alert on it!!!!!
Genie's MV is out today !!!!

AUDIO teaser

The MV is out !!!!

Credits: aienbest86 & KpopChartSecret(Youtube)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SISTAR become shady girl???

SISTAR become Shady Girl????
Check out their second single--Shady Girl
The full single is out now
Not bad, the MV featuring HeeChul

The other two tracks from the singles, try to listen it ^^
Drop the Beat & I do not want a weak men

Credits: starshipTV & jenningyou (youtube)

FtIsland is back with 2nd mini album

Ft Island is back with second mini album--Beautiful Journey
The MV for Love Love Love is out too ^^
Try to watch and listen to it...

MV for Love Love Love
Love the BG of the MV ^^

Credits: jenningyou & AsianMusicWorldHD (youtube)


BigBang is back with their new Japanese single.
Two songs being revealed recently-check out the audio !!

Well the MV for Beautiful Hangover is out today ^^
Check it out .....
I love to watch YG's MV because of its high quality XD
What's your opinion??
I like DaeSung's new hair style

On the other hand, TaeYang had released his new song with MV too.
There's 2 version of it --Korea & English.

Let's join the project from VIPs, check out bigfansproject to know more info^^

Credits: GdraagonBigBang &YGTAEYANG (Youtube)

Monday, August 23, 2010

5th Monthsary + Yesung Birthday

24 August 2010
What a memorable day!!
It's the fifth monthsary for our group!!!!
it's also Yesung-our BigHead's Birthday today ^^
First of all lets wish Yesung
~Saengil chukahamnida~
try to trend #ithastobeYesungsDay on twitter XD

Aww so sweet Yesung's parents celebrate his birthday

The fifth montsary for K-addicters. 
Happy 5th Monthsary!!! 

You know what, i still can't believe that our group can still exist until now. Frankly speaking, at first i thought our groups will be abandoned because most of our admins are busy with their studies. But in the deep of my heart i know that i can't just terminate our group just like this, because this is the place where i met my buddies who are my real friends. I hope that everyone who have the same interest can stay connected and be friends forever!!! We will try our best to get the site updated on the kpop news. Sometimes you may see the news is already posted on other sites, but one thing you need to know about our site---we are not the source of kpop news..We are just sharing what we know about kpop, showing our loves for the artist we like. We want to hear the voices or comments from you guys about the latest kpop news or the artist that you admire, we want to be friends with kpop lovers from around the world. Let's be friends kpop lovers ^^

p/s: Well seems like i had wrote a lot, need to reserve some up LOL....

Once again Happy 5th Monthsary ^^))

Sunday, August 22, 2010

BEAST on Idol Maid (full Ep2)

GUYS just a reminder here:  the vids had been removed due to tracking down by the TV station 
Really sorry about that will try to search for the sub soon MIANHAE!!!!

B2ST on Idol Maid Full episode 2 with English Subbed.
Check it out.
For those who missed out the first episode check it here B2st Idol Maid Ep1
Excited to take a look into their dorm XD

Hope you guys enjoy the show ^^))

Credits: jeansg2010sub(Youtube)

BigBang is having new album??

BigBang is going to released their fifth Japanese single soon
on 25th Aug

They revealed their latest tracks audio recently--
Beautiful Hangover

The other tracks of the album is out too-
Somebody to love

Personally i like Somebody to Love but Beautiful Hangover is good too. Both are rhythmic ^^~VIPs~Let's wait for it and support!!!! Besides, there's another project from VIPs --bigfansproject, try to check it out.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Supernova is BACK...

Have you guys heard before the song TTL Listen 2???? 
 It's by Supernova+T-ara.

Supernova comeback recently with their new EP album with 6 tracks.
Try to listen it~~
I like their new song- On days that I missed you 

MV for On Days That I missed You

Credits: vixenknguyen, destinyxxxx1000,iAznSamManMV (Youtube)

Super Show 3 Korea- Successful + Eng Sub SS3 Interview

Super Show 3 was successfully held on 14 & 15th Aug at Seoul,Korea.
I am so excited with their performance...
I wanna fly with Teukie oppa via the sapphire blue ballons!!!!! XD
I wanna watch the 'Vegetables' on the stage.
I wanna watch Kangin on stage though it's only hologram.
I wanna be a part of the sapphire blue OCEAN~~~

I am so happy with the twitter trending on SS3,
it last for 3-4 days on the world trending.
Proud of it!!! ELFs ~~~You are the best!!!!!
I wanna sing and dance with sorry sorry, bonamana, no other, shake it up etc......
I wanna cheer for them!!!!
So SS3 Malaysia!!!
I am sure to attend it!!!!!

English Subbed Interview for Super Show 3

LOL, Lady Hee Hee burst into laughter when talking about their 'imitation project'

Shy Eunhyuk talking about BoA---"It's getting weird" HAHA

Credit: icysn0w1(youtube),

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Super Show 3 had started!!!!

WOW i am so excited with Super Show 3.

Super Show 3 had their first kick off yesterday, 14 Aug at Seoul.
Today, 15 Aug will be another one at the same place.
How i wish i can go there.
After watching the interviews and teasers, i can't wait anymore for them to come to Malaysia!!

Teukie angel with balloons and confetti not wings ^^ Love it

I love the vegetables costumes ^^))

The SS3 in Seoul is successful!!

Found some of the fancams. But for the solo performance we are not going to share it here and please don't share or upload again on anywhere.

"Please stop uploading or credit sharing on any video / photo related to Sungmin's solo; Eunhae's solo;ShinDong+Heechul+Eunhae "Single Ladies" performance during Super Show 3 Live in Seoul, Korea. If you are a rational and true (sincere) E.L.F., please respect and be concern of their public image / reputation. Thank you." @my_sjmalaysia(Twitter)

SS3 Started with Sorry Sorry-Remix

Although Kangin is not there but Kangin's Hologram is so touching.

Shake it Up-Remix


Heechul in Vege suit

A man In Love

Donghae's part-Heart for ELFs


Yesung's Self Intro

Sources: pinkninjaish1,sfyi,donnaLOVEkangin,elfancam, TheCatavillegas,miboeyewoon,iceKyuream, heidi120990,kennycnd,sjissj2,YesungCenter( Youtube)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A drama that attracts me...Wanna join me??

Have you guys watch the drama by KBS???
Baker King,Kim Tak Goo or known as Bread,Loves and Dreams

I think i am going to be crazy about K-drama once again after Cinderella Stepsister.I don't know why, maybe parts of the OST are sing by Super junior's members LOL. I watched Cinderella Stepsister because of Yesung's- It has to be you. Anyway Cinderella stepsister is a good story, i love it!!

But for this drama,only parts is because of KyuHyun singing the OST

Another part are the main cast Yoon Shi Yoon and Eugene. I know Eugene long time ago,love her dramas.While Yoon Shi Yoon i only know him from Happy Together where Super Junior involved XD. I find that he is cute and adorable ^^.

Next part is the preview of this drama. I love the storyline focusing on baking bread..And the casting attracts me, that's an important point LOL. I think Ryeowook is addicted to the drama too, check out his twitter. His twitter profile picture is about this drama haha

The main cast:-
Yoon Shi Yoon as Kim Tak Goo
Lee Young Ah as Yang Mi Sun
Eugene as Shin Yoo Kyung
Jo Jung Eun as Yoo Kyung (child)
Oh Jae Moo as Tak Goo (child)

I strongly suggest you guys to watch this drama XD
Not bad, i had watched a few episodes. Nice story line~~

JoKwon as Model

JoKwon had been shooting for a commercial film with other members recently.
He tweeted his pictures on twitter XD
Let's see what's so special from the pictures
For my opinions some are cool but some looks like "brides" LOL
No offense for JoKwon's fans, it's only my opinion...
Enjoy the pictures~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Taeyang will have new MV???

Recently Taeyang created a new twitter account again....
He revealed a few pictures for his new song and MV shooting-
I'll be there
Looks cool huh???
Gives me 3D like again LOL
just like in the game
Enjoy the picture while waiting for his new tracks

What is TaeYang doing??? XD

Friday, August 6, 2010

BoA's comebackstage on MuBank....

BoA's comeback stage today on MuBank.
One word WOW~~~
Anticipated for a long time for her comeback XD.

 Enjoying her vids just now
Just like what Alexander had tweeted:

 alexander_0729 tweeted: "Wow!!! Juz watched BoA_1105's comeback on MusicBank!! It was sooo full of Supersonic Bionic Energy~! ♥ 보아 선배님 역시 라이브 랑 춤 대단하다~ 정말 감탄하다..."

I am now full with supersonic bionic energy!!!!

Super junior's Donghae tweeted with a picture: 

"아시아의별 BOA선배님 다른친구들은 응원갔는데 못가서 Sorry Sorry !!미안 !! 최고의 무대를 보여줘 !! 짱먹어라 우리 BOA!! " TRANS (Credit to Allkpop) : Star of Asia BoA sunbae, we are Sorry Sorry that we couldn’t be there for you when others did!! Sorry!! Show us the best stage ever!! Be the best our BOA!!”

Looks like everyone is anticipating for her comebackstage!!!!
I think her performance is good enough ^^ 

Let's watch her vids on MuBank
Dangerous & Hurricane Venus

Credits: Allkpop & UnknownCarrot160 (Youtube)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CN Blue first concert.....

About 2 hours of performance, CN Blue successfully held their first concert in Korea on 31 July.
There were around 3000 fans, not only from Korea but from oversea too including Japan,Thailand,Taiwan,HongKong,China & many more that attended the concert.

In the 2 hours live performance, they presented around 20 tracks from their Korea &Japanese album including :Let's go crazy, Love, Love revolution,Tattoo, Just Please....
The fans were really impressed with their performances.

Here are some fancams on their concerts

Source:Allkpop; bhlee0203 & Fuugayuuki(Youtube)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Let's get Daesung a solo MV!!! #daesungmv

Let's all trend #daesungmv at twitter on 10th August.
To all VIPs from around the world, let's do a favor for Daesung!!!!!

Daesung have a good voice.
Extracted from AgnesR3 (Youtube) :
"He is a great singer.
He is a great dancer.
He deserves a solo performance with a music video"

Every members from BigBang already have their own solo MV
now only Daesung not yet.
must get attention from YG!!!!
Let's make this all the way to get him a MV!!!!!!!!

Seungri had followed back @daesungmv on twitter recently:

[Ok! Attention, help publicize the campaign and participate #daesungmv! On August 10, I follow one follower of this twitter @daesungmv ! ]

So what are you waiting for? Let's be well prepared to trend #daesungmv !!!!!

Ok another effort, spread the vids guys!!!
Timezone to tweet #daesungmv on 10th Aug

Take note on the date and TIME guys !!! ^^

Credits: daesungmv(Twitter), AgnesR3(youtube)