Sunday, October 31, 2010


So guys what do you think???
don't tell me, i know!!
They are hot, sexy and pretty, right???
SONEs will be so happy with their comeback stage..
with new outfits, they look fantastic..
watch all the comeback stage here...
Music Bank, music core and inkigayo... enjoy it..^^

Music Bank

Music core


credit : SNSDfrance , GreenSica, kathleenjoy03

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Take a deep Breath into 숨 (SOOM) MV

So Beauties wanna take a DEEP breath into SOOM???
Ok Let's start 
~~Breath In Breath Out~~
Journey gonna start now ^^

Let's move into the Choreography practice and MV making of  숨

MV making

Choreography practice
Look carefully into the last part FUNNY

Welcome to Beast Airlines

Beast comebacks with Soom recently
they will be holding a concert on a plane soon????

Beauties be well prepared to board the plane with BEAST!!!!!!

Beast is going to held their first concert on 12th December 2010
Check out the teasers of the concert's concept ^^

First DooJoon will take the lead

2nd will be HyunSeung to lead us

JunHyung's Turn now ^^

YoSeob ^^

Gikwang's Turn

Last but not least--DongWoon

So how the flight?
Wanna book another one??^^

Girl's Day comeback New Song +New Members

Girls' Day comes back with new song Nothing Lasts Forever and New Members

Check out their promotional vids below :

JiSun and JiIn were announced to be involved with other interest and they had been replaced by new members YooRa and HyeRi

Check out their MV for Nothing Lasts Forever
I feel that this is better than their debut song
They look more mature in the outfits and their strong vocals make the song sounds good ^^
Let's sing along Nothing Lasts Forever

Picture credit:

YG family concert is coming soon

YG Entertainment will bring us to their family concert at December ^^

The family members including BigBang,2NE1, Se7en,Gummy invite us to join them on 4th & 5th December.
Check out the vids ^^

You can check out the homepage of the concert for more details

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trouble Trouble Trouble HOOT mv is OUT!!!!!!

Trouble Trouble Trouble ~~~~
SNSD009 met 007ChoiSiWon ^^
SM 'James Bond' 007ChoiSiwon appears in the MV with 009 SNSD
Shoot Shoot Shoot
Hoot Hoot Hoot
 HOOT MV is out finally

So how's the MV???
Shoot Shoot Shoot
The choreography is interesting ^^

SONEs!!!!! Support their mini album ^^

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What if your idol is dating???

Dating Dating Dating

What's the meaning of dating?
Is that means falling in love?
Now Shinee- JongHyun is dating with Shin Se Kyung. Their relationship is officially announced and the agency had approved their relationship. Just like ShinDong's relationship with Nari.
So what's your opinions? I am an official NBSB. You know the meaning of NBSB???
No Boyfriend Since Birth XD
Don't laugh at me ok, i believe in fate and i am now still waiting for my fate to come ^^

Though i never went out for dating, but i do know the feelings when dating. When your fate has come, you can't stop it from happening. Just like for JongHyun and SeKyung, they are same age and having the same interests, that's so called FATE that brought them together. We may not know what will happen to them in the future but at least for now they are happy together. Just give them support as i believe they do hope for the fan's blessing on their relationship. Being an artist is already a hard work, if the fans don't support them they will be very sad. One last word before i end here, just give them the best blessing. ^^

Credit: & allkpop

Miss A Let's Say A

Oh oh Oh oh
I can't Breathe~~~~

Miss A's official Youtube released the MV Making for Breathe recently.
 Check out what happen while they are shooting for the MV XD

I just found out there's a dance version for Breathe ^^
Enjoy it guys
See what's the difference from the original version

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saint O'Clock is finally OUT!!!!!!

Now i know why i love to watch kpop MV
It can make us feel like watching movie XD
Anyway I love this album Saint O'Clock

Though the songs look sad, but they had successfully invaded my heart !!!!!
Nice Song Nice MV!!!!
Sure they can win in music charts soon!!!!!!
I AM ~~~Support their album ^^

Like Crazy---
They cried a lot, the feel of the song is very strong...

You wouldn't answer my calls--

I really really love this this song and MV.
It give me the feelings when i am listening it~~~
Nice storyline

Monday, October 25, 2010

2AM Saint O'Clock- You wouldn't answer my calls

Saint O'Clock is going to be released at 12am +KST !!!

1 more hour to go
Don't give me teaser anymore i want the full song & MV !!!!!
Well i think i am going to love this song-You wouldn't answer my calls
The song will be a good ballad song ^^
and the MV looks good too~~~~

2nd Teaser for You Wouldn't answer my calls

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Giant Cat attacking 2pm?????

2PM members tweeted the pictures of GIANT Cat on twitter hahaha
Check out how big is the cat
I think they are tooooo bored while waiting for the performance

Khunnie tweeted: OMG!! Its. GIANT OKCATTTTTTTTT!!! O_O

Taecyeon tweeted: OMG!! Its GIANT SUCATTTTT attacking GIANT WOOCATTTT!!!! O_O

Wooyoung tweeted: OMG!! its GIANT HWANGCATTTTTTT!!! O_O

Reading cat???

sleepy junCat

All cats United ^^))

Saturday, October 23, 2010

7th Monthsary to K-addicters

7th Monthsary
This is way so cool
Happy monthsary again

To celebrate it i made some new BG & banner LOL
SNSD is the latest ahahahaha

Check out the webby for the BG & here for the banner
I don't have photoshop so it is a bit simple
Give us comments whether you like it or not

We are having a project to count the ELFs from around the world

So for ELFs around the world do please be a member at the site
This the first project for K-addicters,
so we do hope every ELF can support this project
We wanna make this project a success for us to have a next project ^^

Next i wanna say something to my buddies:-

Hope to chat with you guys soon
Happy monthsary guys ^^

2AM vs SNSD-Teaser time

Teaser time
 ibighit show us 2AM 's teaser again

'You wouldn't answer my call'
Looks like really sad song

2nd SNSD

They will be coming back on 25th Oct
Sment loaded the teaser movie for Hoot on Youtube
'James Bond' SNSD on Hoot ^^
Check it out

Teaser makes peoples hope for more 

Friday, October 22, 2010


SNSD 3rd Mini Album is going to release soon

Gonna spam here with Hoot teaser photos
Smtown had showed us the teaser photos on the web.
It's kinda fun while clicking the spades,loves,diamond etc shape
You will be guessing who will appear XD. It changes everyday
Check out smtown for their latest news ^^))

Like Crazy teaser?????

2AM comes out with teaser again 

Wow I think im gonna love Ibighit~~~~
Their teaser are so 'teasing' LOL
Let's check out the 1st ans 2nd teaser for their MV--Like Crazy
Looks like this song is gonna make me Crazy ^^
They looks SAD in the MV
Check out the teasers
1st part will be JinWoon

2nd will be Seulong

3rd is Changmin

Last but not least is JoKwon ^^

There might be more teaser by ibighit soon SO....
Stay tuned
26th Oct is in the corner^^

JYJ join Twitter?????

JYJ joined twitter???
YooChun, JaeJoong and Junsu joined twitter recently.
Yesterday Micky revealed his twitter first and now today jaejoong and junsu too XD

Guess who's this???

Hero's selca ^^

Junsu's Pet???

Yesterday TT trending have #mickyyoochun today have #kimjaejoong later will have #xiahjunsu???? Let's trend it guys ^^))
Casseopia!!!! check out their twitter and follow them now!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

JoKwon show us something Special XD

2AM is going to comeback soon

ibighit loaded some vids on youtube for I AM Check it out~~~
JoKwon tweeted his photobook video on youtube
and he showed us something special XD

Looks like Avatar LOL
What do you think????

Check out the photobook video of JoKwon

Jin Woon Photobook video

Changmin Photobook video

Seulong photobook

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2AM vs 2PM

Hottest and I AM~~~~~
JYP supporters
2PM had comes back and now 2AM is coming back too ^^

I'll be back gonna be a big hit with their new image and dance movement~~~

2AM Saint o'clock will be another hot album after Still 02:00 PM..
Stay tuned on ibighit  for 2AM latest album info
Recently they had loaded the teaser photo and yesterday with teaser of the songs
Check out their site on IBIGHIT
to listen to the latest song teaser from Saint o'clock
I find that they had put efforts on the website 

 I love this background