Monday, November 28, 2011

Super Junior Yesung becomes a Teacher????

Our cute Mr Chucky-Yesung had turned into a teacher???Check out what's going on from his tweets yesterday ^^

shfly3423: " Here we are a Singapore, to have a better performances the day after tomorrow, i am giving tuition class to 2 of our dongsaengs...keke"

siwon407 replied him after that mentioning: "As a reference photo by SIWON, including a lot of pictures"

haha Siwon Siwon~~, he tweeted in English along with another 2 pictures after that: "are you ready to scream SINGAPORE? let's have an unforgettable sweet evening together on tuesday"

wow they are having rehearsal late in the midnight~~~ 

donghae861015 tweeted in English too earlier:" I'm in Singapore now. I'm gonna have a rehearsal soon! See u guys 2days later!!" 

then he tweeted in English again  not long after Siwon's XD "I'm ganna have a blast !!!!! MAMA !!"
Leeteuk leader are still in Korea shooting for Star King, he tweeted yesterday mentioning:" One week  had passed, members already at Singapore, my mind is in Singapore too now, let's meet in MAMA!!" 

Poor teuk oppa needs to finish up the work alone before can fly over to SG later.. Hwaiting oppa~~Sora will be there for you XD

Shindong is another one who tweeted first once they arrived in Singapore yesterday:" Singapore, here i am....It's beautiful over here, if there's any delicious food let's start now, if someone mention me or comment that i should be on diet, then i will be eating more!!"

LOL shindong~~~

They are doing very well aren't they??? Hope they enjoy the performances and staying in Singapore^^

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ukiss Japanese Debut single- Tick Tack audio preview

Ukiss will be releasing their Japanese debut single- Tick Tack in this coming 14th December. Recently we can see the covers of the single being released. There's full audio version being released on Japan radio station today. Check out the audio below, anticipate for their coming Japanese single?? Remember to support them!!!

1. Tick Tack
2. Coincidence
3. 0330 -Piano & Chorus ver.-
4. Tick Tack (Instrumental)
5. Coincidence (Instrumental)

1. Tick Tack
2. Coincidence
3. Tick Tack (Instrumental)
4. Coincidence (Instrumental)
Tick Tack Music Video + Music Video Making Movie (Only Limited release)

1. Tick Tack
2. Coincidence
3. Tick Tack (Instrumental)
4. Coincidence (Instrumental)

Source: Ukiss Japan

Shinee released Travel Essay in Barcelona- Onew Teaser video!!!

Shinee will be releasing their travel essay in Barcelona in 8th December. Today we can see the teaser video of Onew for the travel essay ^^. Check out what's inside the video ~~~ Excited for the book?? Pre-order it now!!!! 
Quoted from SMtown youtube:
Travel Essay About Onew, Key and Taemin's Trip in Barcelona!
'태양의 아이들' will be Released on December 8th!
'태양의 아이들 (Published by Woongjin Living House),' which is a travel essay about SHINee's trip in Barcelona(Spain), will be released on December 8th. 
This travel essay will include three members' (Onew, Key and Taemin) photos and stories of their trip in Barcelona as well as travel tips, therefore, it is expected to receive an enthusiastic response from fans and travel mania. 
Especially, the book introduces tourist attractions including Montjuic, El Born, Ramblas, etc., street scenes, famous restaurants, and town's sceneries through SHINee's eyes so readers can feel vividly the passion and sensitivity of Barcelona. 
Since this travel essay also contains pictures taken by SHINee' members and their forthright writing, it is good enough to fascinate fans. 

Meanwhile, pre-order for '태양의 아이들' will be available on KYOBO BOOK, YES 24, INTERPARK, ALADIN, etc. from the 21st and 'photo post card set' will be given to limited number of people who pre order the book.

A Pink unveiled My My full MV

A Pink finally released their 2nd Mini Album title track- My My, Check out the MV now ^^ It's kyeopta XD. Awaiting for them to perform in the live show ^^
I saw netizens commented: 
Doesn't anyone else see a resemblance to SNSD? Has the potential to become the next SNSD.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Super Show 4 in Seoul -- Fancams+Pictures

One word to describe the show--->>>> DAEBAK!!!!!!! 2 days in a shot in Olympia Stadium, i am sure ELFs who went to the concert are very happy and satisfied with the show... Am i right??? How i wish i can go~~~~~ This time i am so surprise with their special performances ^^ Doe a deer a female deer~~~ Do Re Mi song with Super Junior~~~ it's so interesting!!! Sound of Super Junior is so attractive ^^ You can see "Boys brings the gals out dance choreography" LOL.. 

Total 40 song in about 4 hours show, this is long but i sat beside the PC with twitter timeline moving fast, 4 hours past quickly. And it ended so soon >< We Want More!!!!! This time members performed solos, the unexpected is Ryeowook with his Moves Like Jagger and showing off Abs moment~~The opening of the show makes me wanna go there more!!! You guys should watch those fancams~~ Half Naked members!!!!! hahahaha~~ 

Cosplay time with every members dressed in diffrent characters, Eunhyuk's is the most unpredictable~~ Netizens said is it the character for Kentucky Fried Chicken?Chucky Yesung will be the cutest chucky in the world, i cant even recognize Kyu Steve on the first spot LOL, Superman Siwon as always^^ Charlie Hae is charming as usual, Ryeowook becomes Gollumn, Britney Dong is beautiful enough, Marilyn Min is gorgeous haha and skinny Hulk Hogan~~~

EunHae performance in DongHae's solo, Oppa Oppa, I say DongHae you say Oppa, I say Eunhyuk, You say oppa, i say Eunhae You say Oppa~~ XD As normal fans are all in hyper mode with excellent fan chant all way from starting till ending of the show~~ Check out some fancams below with Remix version of Mr Simple, special water front stage with A-Cha...etc

VCR --Members excellent acting skills

Many singers and super junior's family members had went to support show including JongJin, Sungjin, Sora (Teuk's WGM wife), Oneway Peter.......Really wish SUper Show world tour will come to Malaysia this time if not im gonna bang on the wall....><
What i wanna say Super Junior, ELF will be there for you guys no matter where,when and how long we will need to wait for you guys ^^


Thursday, November 10, 2011

T-ara unveiled Cry Cry 15 mins long MV!!!!

T-ara finally released the long waited MV for Cry Cry!!! Wow i didnt expect it's 15mins long~~ Just like a mini movie.. Enjoy it ^^ Interesting story line....And check out the MV teaser for Lovey Dovey too, it's just like a continued version from Cry Cry...I am thinking whether they will shoot all the MVs for all the song in this album with the continuous story line XD

Lovey Dovey MV teaser

Trax released Blind MV featuring Victoria & Kyuhyun

Trax finally released their full MV of the title song-- Blind in their upcoming mini album!!!! Check out the MV featuring f(x) Victoria and Super Junior's Kyuhyun~~~~ Not much story line but it's meaningful~~~~Nice Song!!!!! Hwaiting Trax!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wonder Girls releases their 2nd Album --Wonder World Finally!!!

Wonder Girls is finally back with their brand new 2nd Album--Wonder World!!!!! Check out some of the audios below, retro queens are backieeee XD I like Me, In how about you Wonderful???Remember to support their albums and watch out for this comeback stage this week!!!!

Track list:
1. "G.N.O"
2. "Be My Baby"
3. "Girls Girls"
4. "Me, in"
5. "Sweet Dreams"
6. "Stop!"
7. "Dear. Boy"
8. "두고두고"
9. "SuperB"
10. "Act Cool (Feat. San E)
11. "Be My Baby (Ra.D Mix)"
12. "Nu Shoes"
13. "Be My Baby (Eng. Version)"

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wonder Girls releases Be My Baby full MV!!!!

Wonder Girls finally releases their Be My Baby full MV today!!!! Check it out!!! I am sure it will be a hot song soon!!!! Anticipate for their comeback stage!!! Enjoy~~~Please Be My Baby~~~~

#SJ6thYear Super Junior Happy 6th Anniversary!!

Happy 6th Year to Super Junior. Today is the day that we are waiting for every year XD. 6th November is the debut day of Super Junior since 2005. Since Super Junior05 until Mr Simple, they had accompanied us for 6 years now. Though i know them only about 3 years time but i wanna say a million thanks to them for working hard these years. You guys had done a GREAT JOB because the sapphire blue sea is getting larger and larger now!!! We are so proud to be ELFs!!!!! Although number of members is getting lesser but the sapphire blue sea will not reduce it's size in fact it's getting bigger and bigger!!! We will be waiting for every members to come back because Super Junior is ELFs Ever Lasting Friends......

Yesterday i was watching those fan made videos to celebrate the 6th year of Super Junior. My eyes was dripping with tears because the videos makes me flashed back lots of memories between me and Super Junior....This including the moment when they first get the awards on music charts, GDA, the moment they cried because of happiness, the moment they express their thankfulness to  ELFs during the Super Show or Awards ceremony, the moment when we work hard to boost the sales of the album, the moment when i watched Super Show, the moment i sang together with them, the moment i watched their videos i will scream like hell or laugh like a crazy..... and it's a lot more~~~they had be with me for these years...And i never felt tired of spazzing them everyday, don't know why, maybe this is the power of Wuli Super Junior ^^... I will be spazzing them until the day i closed my eyes~~~~ Just like what Teuk oppa tweeted this morning:" 2005/11/6-2011/11/6 It's 6 years. Our members, our staffs, and very precious,lovely ELF who taught me the happiness, joys, and tears!^^ Thank you, and thank you! I/We'll being with you together until the day my eyes close! I admire you, and I love you " Thankyou to Super Junior, wanna say saranghaeyo forever to all of you who work hard just for ELFs^^
Members had been tweeting on twitter for the 6th year~~ check out the translations below:
(All translations credit to Super Junior Forever 13 FB)

Teuk oppa: "I wanted to have the whole world..It seemed like pretty easy to catch..But now I have my members..staffs..and fans who are even more precious than the world to me..Then don't I already have the whole world?..Really thankful and happy..I'll give you back the love"

Yesung: Super Junior's 6th Anniversary ... To all ELFs who exits, which has stood by and loved Super Junior members... Thank you

Ryeowook: It's been 6 years since Super Junior's debut. I think we've made 6 years time pass with a lot of people's love~ Thank you very much~ And each of the members, I am very thankful to each of the members>< I really really love you~♥

Donghae: We are Super Juni~~~~~~~~or!!!6 year anniversary !! Love (SJ) and loving those who love (us) and cherish (us) and cherish all who cherishes (us) !! Thank you ELF I Love U

Eunhyuk: "6 years!!!!!!! Just this time which flowed by, time that past through cries, through using our energies, and not giving up, the time that all of us have made, now is the time it starts again!! Suju, let's go!!!"

Saturday, November 5, 2011

MAMA 2011 Online Voting Guidelines

MNet Asian Music Awards will be held in Singapore Indoor Stadium on 29th November!!! Starting from1st November 2011 till 25th November (GMT+9) 6pm, fans from around the world can vote for their favorite kpop artists online!!!! Let's vote for your choices and let them win that night^^ You can decide who to win the categories. There will be 17 categories including : Best New Male Artist, Best New Female Artist,Best Male Group, Best Female Group,Best male Artist, Best Female Artist,Best Dance Performance-Solo, Best Dance Performance- Male Group, Best Dance Performance- Female Group,Best Band Performance, Best Rap Performance, Best Vocal Performance- Solo, Best Vocal Performance- Group, Best O.S.T,Best Music Video, Song of The Year, Artist of The Year. So let's not wait and start voting!!!!

Here's some guidelines on how to vote:

First you go to MAMA voting site : CLICK ME
You will see the page looks like below, click on the "Voting Start" button

Then you will see the page below:

After login using Facebook/ Twitter, you will see the first categories Best Mae Artist:

You can proceed to the next categories by clicking the arrow beside, just pick who's your choice until the last one ^^

After finished all the 17 votes, you will see the page like below: just click the 'Complete' button to proceed to the next page

Then you will see the page like below,you can check the Current Ratings by clicking it ^^

After finished, you can just logout from the page XD. You can vote once per day per ID ^^So let's vote kpop lovers!!!!

Brown Eyed Girls release Cleansing Cream full MV!!

Brown Eyed Girls finally released their repackaged new song- Cleansing Cream's MV yesterday. The MV looks cool with the girls sound as background. Nice ballads nice storyline~~~ Hwaiting gals ^^ Enjoy the MV!!!

DBSK's Christmas single Winter Rose preview!!!!

DBSK will be releasing their new single--Winter soon this 30th November. It will consist of 2 songs: Winter Rose and inter version of Duet. Let's take a peep into the 43 seconds of audio preview on Winter Rose being loaded on their official site recently ^^

Wonder Girls revealed 2nd Album Teaser Videos!!

R U READY? For Wonder Girls come back??? WOW i really can't wait for it~~~ Check out the 2 teaser videos being loaded by JYPE on their official youtube~~ Looks fierce but it's a new look for them, anticipating....

Teaser 1

Teaser 2 for Be My Baby---I think im going to love this song ^^

Wonder Girls released teaser images for upcoming album!!!

Wonder Girls will be making their comeback soon!!!!! Anticipating!!!! It's been long time since their last album.
Well from the teaser images we can see the girls are having a totally different concept this time!! Sexy concept? What are you trying to tease us about JYP??? XD 

Representatives of JYP Entertainment stated, “The Wonder Girls will be promoting with a powerful charisma and transformation that’ll surely leave everyone surprised. We ask that you continue to look forward to the Wonder Girls’ comeback.”

“The anticipation is growing and many people are sending supportive messages and in order to reciprocate the level of interest, the members are focused on preparing for their comeback … We sincerely thank everyone and we hope that you guys will continue to support Wondergirls throughout their performances.”
(Source from Allkpop)

Stay tuned on their official site: for more updates soon!!!