Friday, July 30, 2010

BoA revealed teasers for Hurricane Venus

BoA is coming back on 2nd August with her brand new album
Hurricane Venus

A few jacket photos are being revealed
and a song from her album had been released with it's MV- Game
There's a ballad song-Person Next to Me/Stand By released recently.
Between the track list from the album being revealed too.
  1. GAME
  2. Hurricane Venus
  4. 옆사람 (Stand By)
  5. M.E.P(My Electronic Piano)
  6. LET ME
  7. 한별 (One Star)
  9. 하루하루 (Ordinary Day)
  10. Don’t Know What To Say
  11. Romance
Game MV

Ballad song- Person Next To Me

Besides, BoA uploaded the album cover pics and the black and white jacket photo to her twitter.

So, BoA's fans be sure to get her new album which will be released on 5th August and stay tuned for her comeback stage on Music Bank next week!!!!!

Source: Allkpop, smnet &jenningyou (youtube)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Congratz to Se7en for the 1st win on Mnet

Congratulations to Se7en for his 1st Win on M Countdown today!!!!!!
I am so attracted with
~~Digital Bounce Digital Sound Digital X~~
Gonna learn those dance steps
There's a vids on his practice before Mnet

Let's enjoy his comeback performance on M Countdown today

Hope he can win again in other K-charts ^^

Source: Allkpop & BBShineeWorldKR, gilbakk777(Youtube)

JQ vs Shin Bong Shun

Wow this duet looks perfect don't you think so???
JQ the rapper and Shin Bong Shun the comedian,never imagine that the song will be such good.
I am following the rhythms when they are singing it ^^ 

Try to watch the MV and listen the audio without MV
I get two different feelings when watching and listening it. XD

Source: 9xrauren and swetty555288 (Youtube), Allkpop(Picture)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Alexander

To: Alexander who's birthday is on 29th July

We wish you

Happy Birthday
Feliz Aniversario
Maligayang karawan
Selamat Hari Jadi
Thanks to Xander's mom for giving us such an adorable Xander
Thanks to Xander's dad @AnthonyEusebio that willing to share with us those memorable pictures.
Now that we know Xander loves to play with the 'egg machine' 扭蛋机

We also know which desserts 糖水 that Xander likes.

We are glad that Xander have a caring families that support him wherever he goes.

We are also happy that Xander always read our tweets to him and tried to reply us.
We are really thankful for that
GOMAWO Xander ^^))
Hope you have a nice day Xander!!!!

″Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the HOTTEST of them all?″
You will be the HOTTEST today^^))
Not only today but forever~~~
KISS-ME will support you forever!!!

Enjoy your day Xander~
We hope that
will be trending soon

Well no #crazyxanderday but
#happyxanderday & #awishforxander
is awesome too
it's on the trending topic now!!!!
Xander do you see that????

Source: AnthonyEusebio &alexander_0729 (Twitter)

Good Morning SUJU 100727

Super Junior appeared on a TV show-Good Morning on 100727.
They talked about many things on the show.
We found Parts of the show with Eng subbed.
So Enjoy it.
Will try to search for others subbed vids.

Try to check out rainmakerstory the other parts will be loaded there by the author.

Sungmin's Cut with Eng Sub

Ryeowook's cut with Eng Sub

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Homme to be revealed soon

The collaboration between 2AM's Changmin and 8eight's Lee Hyun on a new song-Homme will be revealed soon on 28th July. There are teasers on their Homme MV being released recently. Let's watch it.

The girl in the MV,Lee Chae Young is hot. Changmin and Lee Hyun are having a fit body too LOL. I am sure they had put in efforts on that. The song will be out on 28th July, so let's wait and watch the teasers first.

Credit: ibighit(Youtube), Allkpop

Sunday, July 25, 2010

No Other -We will be missing you

Thank you for the performances that you guys brought to us
Thank you for the happiness that you guys gave us
~Thank you ~
No Other~~~We gonna miss you after this

Although it's the last performance on Inkigayo today but i will stay happy with the song.
I still remember how happy i was when i first saw No Other's performance on the comeback stage.
I am smiling all the way with them when watching them performed.
That time i thought that i am the most haengbok peoples in the world~
Every members were so happy while performing it awwwwww
I am gonna miss those smiles ^^

No Other+Bonamana Goodbye stage on Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo

It's only a goodbye stage, we will be waiting for 5th album,6th album and more.........
ELFs will be supporting SUPER JUNIOR forever!!!!!!!


SHINee's Comeback Stage HOT!!!!!

SHINee's comeback stage is really hot~~~ 
Up and Down with Lucifer ^^
~Loverholic Robotronic~

They gain attentions of over a million viewers 
on Lucifer's official MV  in just a few days.
I am sure they can win the K-charts next week XD

Music Bank

Music Core


What about Miss A??

Well there's are lots of new girl's group debuted recently: 
Sistar, Girl's Day and Miss A are those that i know LOL
Miss A showed their charisma by winning on MNet and MuBank.
Congratulations ^^

 What miss A attracts me are the 2 Chinese members: Jia and Fei.
I am always interested to see how good can foreigners survive in Korean pop group.
Well they had proved it by winning K-charts recently.
Bad Girl Good Girl MV

1st win on MNet Countdown

2nd win on Music Bank

I can see a bright future in them ^^)) Keep it up Miss A!!!!!!!! HWAITING~~~

2 version of Better Together MV

Se7en's Better Together MV released few days ago. 
At first i thought it will be Digital Bounce that are having MV,
anyway Better Together's MV is cool too.
This album gives me a feelings-----
Really Digital~~XD
But Se7en have improve a lot and become hotter than before...

There are two version of Better Together,let's watch it

For me i would prefer dance version, we can learn the dance steps haha but both MV are good.^^))

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy 4th Monthsary ^^

Once again i am here to say:
For the 4th times hahahaha
~~Happy 4th Monthsary Buddies~~

Well this month lots of things changed
New Twitter account and FB fanpage
I am glad that FB fanpage's LIKES are growing,
Kamsahamnida for those who like it!!!
Happy Mode
We will try our best to make it more interesting.
For Bloggy
Lots of Blogs being posted
Just to share the opinions about the kpop news
Already break the record of posting. XD
I am here to say sorry because our authors are all busy
so you guys only see my name appeared here most lol
and to be frank i am Super Junior Biased
Anyway i tried to write on some interesting kpop news
Mainly focus on new album and twitter ^^
Others will be shared on FB fanpage XD
Which is more convenient

Besides that
I managed to work out two simple logos for our group
Well the logos might not be so professional,
we will try to fix out some new logos if possible ^^)
If have opinions please do tell us so that we can change
We will appreciate it very much!!!

And and and...

~Happy 4th Monthsary~
Have a nice day

Thursday, July 22, 2010

2PM concert, who will be the guests?

2PM will be holding their 1st Don't Stop Can't Stop concert on 31th July and 1st August.
The guests performers will be their JYP's brothers and sisters.
Miss A and 2AM...
This will be interesting where their 'family' members gather and have a performance together.
Hope they will sing together in the concert ^^)

Wish 2PM GOODLUCK in their concert~~

BoA is coming back in August

August 5th will be the album release date, so BoA's fans be prepared ^^ 
SM entertainment released the news on 22nd July stated : 
Since her release on Girls on Top, five years ago, in 2005, BoA will be returning with a full length album… She will show the growth that she has made through the experiences she attained during her overseas activities.”

I am sure every BoA's fans will be excited with her coming back, so let's wait for 5th August~~~

 Credit: Allkpop

BEAST on Idol Maid (full Ep1)

GUYS just a reminder here:  the vids had been removed due to tracking down by the TV station 
Really sorry about that will try to search for the sub soon MIANHAE!!!!

MBC released brand new season of Idol Maid featuring Beast.
Let's watch the Episode 1 of Idol Maid.
Now we will enter Beast's Dorm and take a look in their dorm~~~
We found the English sub version 
Let's watch how's their dorm condition...

Hope you enjoy it!!!
Hope they can visit more artist's dorm XD

Credits:jeansg2010sub (Youtube)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Se7en's Audio tracks are released

Digital Bounce will be out officially tomorrow 210710.
Now all the tracks are released, let's listen to it~~~

1.Reset (Intro)

2.Digital Bounce feat TOP

3.Better Together

4. I'm going crazy

5. Money Can't buy me Love


7.Roller Coaster
I am waiting for Digital Bounce's MV
Released it faster LOL

Shinee's Lucifer is out with MV and all tracks

Shinee released their second album yesterday.
It's Lucifer Time!!!
All the tracks being revealed upon with their concept photos.

Make sure to support and buy their new album

Lucifer's MV is out today.

The MV is cool,
Key's hair is soooooo......
Minho have a new haircut- CLEAN
Onew's hair is kind of old fashion style LOL
Taemin's long hair
Jonghyun's spiky hair
Overall it's a new style for SHINee
~Nice try~

Other tracks from the album can be found via the link
other songs from Lucifer (Kpoplive)
Personally i like Lucifer and Ready or Not?
How about you guys??
Waiting for this coming Music Bank to watch their live performance~~

Saturday, July 17, 2010

#comebacksungmin PLEASE??????

Sungmin oppa why you deleted your twitter where everyone can stay connected with you??
Is there any reason for you to do that?
Or you are too bothered by so many comments from your fans?
Oppa we promise you that we will behave better....
Please come back to us will you????
I am so shock when i open my Twitter seeing so many tweets about you
Sungmin deleted his Twitter (Link to Allkpop)

Now trending worldwide is all about your topic~~~
Sungmin oppa please comeback~~~
will keep trending from now on until you come back to twitter world.........

Friday, July 16, 2010

SHINee's "Lucifer album" teaser

todays SHINee released 2nd teaser for their 2nd album named 'Lucifer' at 8.00 this morning time Korean on July 16. the title song 'Lucifer' is a genre of urban electronica, a genre of electronica in the 80's who adopted the break dance. meanwhile, 'Lucifer' will be released online through various music stores and music sites on July 19.

1. Up & Down
2. Lucifer
3. Electric Heart
4. A-Yo
5. Obsession
6. Quassimodo
7. Shout Out
8. Wowowow
9. Your Name
10. Life
11. Ready or Not
12. Love Pain
13. Love still goes on

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ryeowook with Selca, Heechul with motion pictures?

From Ryeowook's official twitter, we can see that he had posted lots of selca pictures this few days.
Is he addicted to twitter or selca??
From those selca only one thing i can say
Why are their skin so good??? LOL
Looks so smooth....XD
Maybe because of the cosmetics samples??
Anyway hope Wookie can be more active with twitter haha

On the other hand i found that Heechul loves to post some motion pictures on twitter.
Check on Heedictator to find out more motion pictures.

Source: Twitter (ryeong9 and Heedictator)

We are glad that you are still with us~~

Kyuhyun we are really glad that you are still here to sing for us.
Thanks to God for not taking you away from us.
We are really happy that you still can sing,eat,be with Super Junior, family and friends...

Kyuhyun revealed his feelings about the car accident 3 years ago. He is very thankful to his Dr that saved him,his Dad for supporting him, and Eunhyuk who was the first to pray with him after the accident in the variety show,Strong Heart.
Everyone in the show were touch with the story especially Donghae and Eunhyuk, i saw Eunhyuk hold a tissue after Kyuhyun finished his story..

I am sure everyone will be touch with the moment when he was describing about the accident, on how he saw the path of his life and how he returned from 'death'. Me myself were sobbing when watching it...

Youtube vids on Kyhyun's Part

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Se7en will be back soon on 21 July

It's been a long time since i heard from Se7en.
I like his smile haha so shining~~~
I am happy to hear that his new album is coming out soon.
Let's wait for that day -21 July while listening to the song teasers XD
As the tradition of YG entertainment, there will be few teasers from the whole album of their artists. Just like Taeyang, Se7en's new album had released the first song teaser -Digital Bounce(feat. TOP)

Digital Bounce, really digital haha,~ever let the party start~ i think it will be a rapping song. Se7en and TOP looking forward for it ^^)) I like the design of the album too,it's really really digital~~~~
Keep an eye on his official website for more teaser to be revealed soon....

Credits: Youtube(gilbakk777) & YG entertainment

Monday, July 12, 2010

What will be the comeback style of SHINEE??

Today is Key's concept photo released day and the last member to revealed it. All members have their own style in their concept photo,will it be Epic??? Artistic??? or others???
Everyone is anticipating about it~~

I like Minho's red indian look XD. Key's Punky look not bad too haha. Let's be patient for few more days for their comeback haha^^

Photo Source: Allkpop

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brian Joo is in the house!!

Brian Joo came to Malaysia for his first fan meeting last weekend in KL. After the fan meeting, Brian Joo appeared on a nightlive interviews on 8TV(12.45am-2am) in Malaysia yesterday.The conversation between him and the hosts,Moe and Mike were awesome,he really enjoy the show.They chatted a lot about his career,favorites artists, future plans,about Malaysia etc..He also answered some of the fans messages. Some of his answers to the hosts and fans:
He said he's the american pie type of guy haha
He wanna be a comedian
His next album will be out late August
He texted 2AM and tried to bribe 2AM who still in Singapore to Malaysia and 2AM trying to bribe him to Singapore...LOL
He greeted his Canadian fans too
He showed how the korean female will post in their selca
In the show he also showed the audience his hairstyle with the star shaped.
SiWon is learning english from Brian!!!
One interesting topic was about whether he wanna work in Malaysia. His answer was a yes COOL, and the producer of the show was totally agreed with it XD

Though i can't attend the fan meeting, but im enjoying the NightLive segment on 8TV.I am really enjoying the show ^^

I had recorded some of the conversation between Brian and the hosts.Finally the vids can be posted here XD. There are few more please bare with us. Mianhae for the inconvenience....

Credits: 8TV Malaysia

Charice will be having Asia Tour starting this July

Actually i only know Charice today XD
Thanks to our buddies,Heynnie told me she was dueting with Kyu Hyun from Super Junior in Star King.
She is talented,so take a look on her performance if you guys don't know her yet.^^
She will be starting her Asia Tour soon starting from Korea, Philipines, Japan,Thailand and Malaysia.
So Charice's fans be aware of it!!!!!

To get more information about Charice's Asian Tour, please Click on the following link Charice Asian Tour 2010 info to check on the actual date, time and venue of the event.
Maybe you can win some pass for her Asian Tour from here too!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saengil Chukahamnida Heechul ^^

First of all
Let's Wish Heechul
~~~Happy Birthday~~~
From his tweetphoto showed that
He is having fun today and yesterday with his friends

He celebrated it with Wooyoung,Taecyeon and Sulli at first.
Then with Yesung, JoongHoon, HongKi, KimJungMo,Simon D.....
Their funny picss show that he is really enjoying it XD
Hope he will continue to enjoy for the rest of the day!!!!!!

Once again Happy Birthday Heechul oppa~~~

Source: Twitter( Heedictator)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Alexander is going for LASIK????

From twitter of alexander_0729

Feeling so BAD rite now..wore glasses for almost a week thinking that i could do lasik on Saturday..but then I CAN' dream!

I know that God has a better plan for me but still,this feels so weird..@Kevinwoo91 will be doing lasik on Saturday tho..envy him..TT.TT

LASIK is a laser surgery to fix your short/long sighted problems..hv been wearing contact lens for almost a decade! ARG! sick of it~

I cannot hv Lasik becuz I hv to hoot for a program this week that requires water activities, which are dangerous after I CAN'T..

BAD news: can't have LASIK in JULY..GOOD news: the shooting goes on n going to HK end of this month becuz of this show..EXTREAMLY IRONY -_-;

You guys are so POSITIVE~! like the way u guys think! ^^Yea,going to HONG KONG! but only few days, n going back Korea to spend my b-day~

I DO read ya tweets everyone~so beware~keke@ Khunnie0624 2PM 화이팅!!Will try to attend ya concert~^^GOD bless 2PM~

Xander tweeted on twitter mentioning that he can't get his LASIK done by this month. I think lots of fans giving him positive feed backs due to the tweets. He tweeted back saying that the fans are positive thinkers haha. And maybe some fans are suggesting some funny ideas to him that makes him tweeted back saying that he did read our tweets and be aware.
I am so glad to read the last tweet: Xander is reading the tweets from fans!!!!!!
This is not the first time, recently, the pics he posted with Ki Bum in it, he read the tweets from fans and retweeted the funny idea about ALBUM=ALexander+kiBUM.
This is such a good news for the fans!!! ^^ KissME do you read this???
UKISS are reading our tweets!!!!!

Well in my opinion maybe Xander can wear glasses instead of contact lens when not working. Glasses is a trendy stuff nowadays. Just be patient and wait for the LASIK to be done, maybe you are to be tested to wear glasses haha!!! I myself are wearing glasses too, and frankly speaking i am afraid of LASER LOL. Glasses is better XD

Source: Twitter (alexander_0729)