Tuesday, March 29, 2011

4 minute release 20 Steal on 29th March

4minute finally back with 20 Steal on 29th March 
Check out their tracks from the album below:

4minutes left to 20 Steal ^^
Tik Tok Tik Tok

Heart to Heart

Sweet Suga Honey

You Know

모르는 척

Sweet concept album ^^ Like Heart to Heart and Sweet Suga Honey how about you? Remember to support their album and their comeback stage soon XD

Bran New Kiss is out!!!!!! 0330 0330 audio

Wow long waited album ^^ 0330 here we come!!!

Get ready KissMe!!!!!
01. It's Time (Intro)

Check out the audio for 0330 while it's still available

02. 0330 (Title)
Love the rhythms!!! 0330 with 0330 mins of song 

03. Words That Hurt Me...
Nice Rap ^^

04. Every Day
Everyday with Ukiss XD Yeah Yeah Yeah

05. I Don't Understand
I don't understand why their song so nice XD

06. Miracle
Miracle is happening!!! HWAITING Ukiss 

KissMe!! remember to support their album!!!!
This album is gonna be a nice one!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

4Minute 20 Steal SoHyun Teaser + Heart to Heart teaser feature CN BLue JungShin

Last member for the individual teaser --SoHyun
Magnae is always the last XD
Let's see what did she said in the video teaser ^^

나의 부족함과 욕심을 알게 된 순간 난 이미 어른이 되었다
사랑과 상처를 받은 순간 난 이미 어른이 되었다.
스무살이 되기 전에 난 
스무살이 되었다.
“I became an adult as soon as I knew my inadequacies and greed. I became an adult when I found out what love and pain was. Before I turned twenty, I became twenty.” (Credit: Allkpop)

거울아,거울아,세상에서 누가 제일 예쁘니?
Mirror, mirror, who’s the prettiest in the world?”

Today Cube had release a teaser for Heart to Heart MV. The MV featured CN BLue's JungShin ^^
Check out the cute MV teaser of it 
I see the different side of 4minute XD

BigBang special edition --Love Song + Stupid Liar.

VIPs!!!! do you remember the picture below??

The answer revealed at last 
It's the special edition from BigBang's 4.5 repackaged album 

Love Song is one of the title track added with another song, Stupid Liar 

Quoted from Allkpop:
YG Entertainment revealed, “‘Love Song’ has a bit of a different feel from the songs Big Bang has previously released, so we’re expecting fans to feel something new. ‘Stupid Liar’ was a track that the boys debated over with ‘Tonight‘ as the title track for their 4th mini-album. The song itself features a guitar riff with a rock genre that’s both speedy and powerful. It really brings out their vocals and raps.”

They continued, “As it is the first time the boys are making a special edition album, we’re going all out with the jacket design and the album’s overall packaging. It is disappointing that they will only be promoting for a three week period, but we’ll be working hard to make sure that they greet their fans more frequently.”

Daesung's solo track which had been performed during the BigShow will be included in the album

They will be coming back on stage on 10th April so get prepared VIPs!!!! Their Love SOng MV will be released too on 15th April. So Stay tuned!!!!!

A-Peace with 21 members???? that"s way too much

A-Peace A-Peace I am not gonna peace with it LOL

Well here we go, 21 members group....
Do you hear me??? 21!!!!! not 10,15 BUT 21!!!!
Ok it's fine for me, i am just concern about how they are going to divide out the salary 
Check out their latest video teaser-Lover Boy posted by their company GoldenGooseEnt.
You see the camera men need to shoot all of them together from far LOL
It's only my own opinions, no offense

Well check out their MV A Ring Mark, not bad ballad song 
Hope they are gonna be divided out into subgroups
Easier right?

They really need a big stage to perform if not.........

One of the member of A-Peace -- Min Jin Hong
Some of them are good looking but not all XD

Sunday, March 27, 2011

WGM: What surprise did SeoHyun did for YongHwa on their last date???

Awwww I am gonna miss them soon because of their last date is up now..TT
YongSeo Couple!!!! Sweet couple you are ^^

Anyway let's see what did SeoHyun do for their last date in the latest WGM episode ^^

Awwwww, SeoHyun must worked really hard to play the whole BanMal song using the guitar. So SWEET!!!!! YongHwa do something LOL.

Extracted and credit: Allkpop
The couple visited the recording studio where they first met about a year ago. In celebration of their last date, the members of CNBLUE came in carrying a cake.

The CNBLUE members created a fun environment by joking around with the two, before they eventually withdrew to leave Seohyun and Yonghwa alone in the studio. Mustering her courage, Seohyun picked up a guitar and surprised Yonghwa by playing the “Banmal Song“, which was the song they wrote together for a previous mission. Originally, Seohyun could only play just one chord throughout the entire song, but this time, she played more expertly all the way through.

Afterwards Seohyun finally spoke to Yonghwa in “banmal” or informal speech, albeit a bit awkwardly and while laughing.

Hope they can still stay contacted with each other after WGM ended ^^

Ukiss released comeback Teaser videos of Bran New Kiss

After announcing their comeback official date on 30th March, recently Ukiss had released some teaser videos on their official youtube channel.

KissMes are you all ready for this?? 30th is coming soon ^^
Check out the teaser videos, i think 3003 is gonna be fun with their comeback..Their outfits concept looks cute on them XD

4 Minute 20 Steal- GaYoon Teaser

거울아,거울아,세상에서 누가 제일 예쁘니?
Mirror, Mirror, who's the prettiest in the world?

Today GaYoon's Teaser is out after HyunA, JiYoon and JiHyun 
Let's watch what did she said in the teaser

지금까지 아무에게도 내 눈물을 보인 적이 없다
슬플 때도 힘들 때도 외로워도 늘 참기만 했다.
이제 참지 않고 내 감정에 솔직한 나를 표현하고 싶다.
스무 살 마음껏 울고 웃고 싶다.
“Until now I’ve never shown my tears to anyone, when sad, when having hardships, even when lonely, I’ve held it all in. But now I don’t want to hold it in, I want to honestly show my feelings. 20 years old, I’m going to laugh and cry as much as I want.” (Ctedit: Allkpop)

Awwww so sweet.... Our Blondy Gayoon shed her tears.. hwaiting!!!!

DBSK released Before U Go Full version MV

Wow Before You Go, Keep Your Head Down combination MV???

Check out the MV for Before You Go

When i first watch the normal version of Before U Go MV, i was like wow, Police look of Changmin and U-know are way so Cool!!!  That's a must watch MV!!!! Somebody need to get them to act soon. 

Lately, there's another version of Before You Go being released. This version is more complete from the first released version ^^ Its 16 mins long.... There's not much MV with 16 mins long that can cover the whole story before right?? so let's just watch the MV of Before You Go Full version=full story haha. The story line not bad, the clue system gavs me the feel of Da VinCi Code LOL, enjoy the MV and the powerful vocal of U-Know and Chang Min.....

4 minute 20 Steal -JiYoon and JiHyun Teaser

2nd and 3rd teaser from JiYoon and JiHyun after HyunA
What did they said in the teaser videos??

내 모든 매력을 보여준 적이 있었나...

멋있는 나.아름다운 나
모두 보여주지 못했다
나의 모든 것을 보여줄께.
나의 새로운 매력
기대해도 좋아
Did I ever show all of my charisma?” she muses aloud. “Charismatic me, beautiful me, I wasn’t able to show it all. I will show it all now, my new charisma, wait for it.” (Credit: Allkpop)

거울아,거울아,세상에서 누가 제일 예쁘니?
Mirror, mirror, who’s the prettiest in the world?”

거울에서의 내 모습 매일 똑같진 않아
지금까지 보여준 내 모습이 전부가 아니다.
아무도 모르는 나만의 비밀
내 깊은 곳에 감춰진 그 비밀을 이젠 보여줄게
”My image in the mirror, it’s not the same everyday. What I’ve shown of myself so far, it’s not everything. A secret that I only know, hidden deep within me, I will now show it.” (Credit Allkpop)

거울아,거울아,세상에서 누가 제일 예쁘니?
Mirror, mirror, who’s the prettiest in the world?”

Looks like 거울아,거울아,세상에서 누가 제일 예쁘니? is the keyword to their new album....

I Hate This Love Song!!! Who's song is that???

I am sure YG's fans know that 2NE1 and BigBang is preparing for their come back next week.
So BigBang will release 4.5 repackaged album and 2NE1 with come back album.

Today YG life blog had released a teaser image as below

So what's your opinions on this teaser image? Will this be the 2 songs title for BigBang and 2NE1 or it's a combined one? Just wait till Monday for everything to be revealed. XD
Now we can just only guess which will be the song for both of the groups:

I Hate This for BigBang?
Love Song for 2NE1?
or vice versa?
Or it's only one song for both of the groups?
YG want us to play the guessing game huh?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

20 Steal -HyunA teaser

Teaser Teaser here i come 
After releasing the concept photos yesterday, today Cube had release HyunA's teaser for their comeback ^^Check out what she said in the video teaser

스무살이 되면 온 세상이 내 것이 될 거라 생각했다.
내 생각이 틀리진 않았다.
세상이 나에게 환호한다.
나를 기다리는 걸까?...
지금 는 온전한 하나의 세상이다

When I turned 20, I thought that the whole world would become mine. My thought wasn’t wrong. The world is cheering at me. Is it waiting for me? Right now I’m just one whole world.” (credit:Allkpop)

거울아,거울아,세상에서 누가 제일 예쁘니?

Mirror Mirror Who's the prettiest in the world?

Happy 1st Anniversary to Kaddicters 24th March 2011

Saengil Chukhamnida Saengil Chukahamnida Saengil Chukahamnida
LOL You know what??? Now my mind is "Hey Man Hey Girl I am Super Junior Fan" mode
Should i change a bit the lyrics????
Hey Man Hey Girl I am Kaddicters buddies hahaha
If you're our buddies CLAP YOUR HANDS LOL

Well Well Well, here it is our 1st anniversary, i never thought that our group can last for 1 year so long....
It's been a far way for us to come here you know?? XD
Starting from our first chat till now i believe that we are besties now. All thanks to the chatbox that brought us together. When i was chatting last time i never thought that out group will be this BIG until having own blog, Fanpage,twitter & webby haha. I still remember that we had ideas on the K-addicters group t-shirt, how to make the webby more attractive....etc etc so much. We even planned to meet each others one day.  For now i only met with one of our buddies, Minmi during Super Show 3. Hope we really can meet one day!! Currently i am satisfied with what we have now, do you agree with me? I am not an IT expert, still waiting for our future IT admin to graduate in order to make our page more advance haha. So Mr Soshi??? Do you read me?? LOL

I remember we had some sort of 'war' with the others in the chatbox that cause us to create our own box ahahaha. Really thankful to those who had 'war' with us SULOL. If not, K-addicters won't exist here today. Well if you believe in fate, that's our fate to become buddies. I am totally believe in this XD How about you?
I am kinda missing those 'fighting' days and where we chat the whole night. My record was 3am in the morning lol. I know everyone is busy with their studies, so i will be the one who is  maintaining the group, but i can't manage so many stuffs in a time, my main focus will be on the blog. So the rest will rely on you guys XD

For those who only know us today, we are K-addicters= kpop lovers from around the world. Currently only Malaysia, Philippines ,Singapore, Indonesia, Germany , Canada (aww i missed onean). Hope more can join us in the future to spread the love to kpop ^^

Ok i will stop here right now, let's watch the simple videos that i had made for you guys ^^ Enjoy it...
Oh yeah before i forgot, @tmaxminchul did wish us happy anniversary after we tweeted to him XD Thanks oppa ^^
@tmaxminchul oppa wish chukahae to my group please... @K_addicters 1st anniversary....

From tmaxminchul : @K_addicters 축하합니다!!!!!

ELF SONG is OUT!!!!!! haha #ELFsong

ELF!!!! Are you ready!!!!!! Let's rock Sapphire Blue!!!!!

Wow @goodwillbeats and MGI finally release the "ELF song" that they composed for Ever Lasting Friends!!!!!!
This is cool XDDDD

Can't wait?????
Check it out below!!!!
Hey Girl Hey Man
I am a Super Junior Fan
I am a Super Junior Fan
an ELF
an ELF
E.L.F. Ever Lasting Friends
We love you love you love you baby Super Junior
awwwwww SO SWEET ^^
Love it so much Thanks @goodwillbeats 
If you're an ELF and You know it
You are right

Credit: WWW.GOODWILLMGI.COM, TWITTER: @goodwillbeats, @mgiproducer, E.L.F Song produced, written, recorded, mixed, mastered by GoodWill & MGI.  

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Super Show 3 Fever XD --SS3 cut

I can't stop watching those SS3 videos, i need a time machine!!!!! LOL

I wanna go back to 19th March SS3 Malaysia hahahahaha
Well i found the vids where Korea TV station take parts of the SS3 in Taiwan.....
WOW If they post like this in front of my cams i am gonna FAINT!!!!!!
Seriously I am gonna DIE with smile if they are RIGHT in front of me hahahahaha

Ukiss is coming back with "Bran New KISS"

After adding the new members, Ukiss is gonna coming back on 30th March ^^
We will see the "Bran New KISS" with 2 new members, AJ and Hoon

Their title track 0330 is a hiphop song composed by the same composer from the song "Shut Up",Kim Tae Hyun. 

The track list from the album :
01. It’s Time (Intro)
02. 0330 (Title)
03. Words That Hurt Me…
04. Every Day
05. I Don’t Understand
06. Miracle

Kevin had tweeted on twitter to ask KissMes support their Brand new mini album XD :" Please support our new title song '0330' from our 5th mini album Bran New Kiss! ^♥^ It will release on March 30th!"  So KISSMEs, do start pre-order their 5th mini album now!!!! XD They will be having the official comeback on 31th March at MNet Countdown ^^

4minute released jacket photos for upcoming album STEAL 20

4Minute is coming back soon with STEAL 20!!!!
Today they had released the concept pictures for their upcoming album. We can see that they are changing to hotter style ^^ What's your opinions?

Quoted from Allkpop: "Representatives of Cube Entertainment described, “HyunA is seen dressing up, which is an expression of preparing herself to begin life in her 20s. Gayoon completed her cut with a sense of emotional maturity. Jiyoon, who’s always been known for her boyish style, made a sexy transformation with a black tank top, while leader Jihyun donned a dress accentuating her beautiful silhouette. Sohyun expressed the romantic fantasies and dreams of turning 20 with her curious gaze.”

There will be teaser videos coming up tomorrow before their official album release on 29th March ^^

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Super Show 3 Malaysia Part 2 + Special vids

I am still in SS3 mood LOL, never regret attending the concert!!!!!!!!!! AWESOMEness!!!! 

Well this is the part 2 from my last post. I am going to load some 'blur' pictures here but that's what my 10MP camera can do so far haha. You can find more HQ and closer pictures from 

This is not taken by me credit to owners XDDD
But he is my bias so i must put this pics up LOLOLOL

I think this is the best shot i get LOL

I have lots of pictures but it takes time to load will try to load some again when i am free XDD
I will share my videos here it's kinda sound polluted because of my screams haha

Here's a video where i found from FB peeps, condolences to the Japan ELF. R.I.P ELFs will stay together as a big family as long as Super Junior exist!!!! Sapphire Blue will not fades away that easily.

ZE:A reveals Here I Am Behind Story (Dance Version) MV

ZE:A reveals the dance version MV for Here I Am 
 My Lady My Lady.......My Baby My Baby
Here I Am Here I Am ^^
Let's learn the dance for Here I Am

All Members of f(x) gathered on Marie Claire

Let's see how f(x) members looks in the magazine--Marie Claire 
The had an interview by Marie Claire and it will be up on the April issue of the magazine, so do get a copy of it if you are their fans ^^ Well I find that Luna's look is sooooo mature XD Agree with me?? And AMBER is back to the team now, still looks cool with her new blonde hair. Others looks gorgeous especially Victoria ^^

Credit: Allkpop

CN Blue is back with their First Step!!!!!!!

Finally they had released the first ever album of CN Blue--First Step on 21st March XD The long waited full length album. Intuition as the title track, along with 11 other songs where YongHwa and JunHyun had participated in few of the songs ^^

Check out the official MV of Intuition below:
Step By Step Let's invade CN BLue's new album !!!!!

Some of the tracks from the album, Listen it while it's still available
And remember to support their new album and wait for their comeback on the music chart

Love Girl


I DOn't Know Why

Loves Ride the rain


One Time

Just Please

Wanna Be Like You

Ready And Go


Bonus Track--One Of Kind

4minute will be back with steal 20

I am kinda 'SHOCK' with the Steal 20 words LOL

Well i am sure the girls will transform into a new image in this new album.
The full album will be out on 29th March and there will be teaser images coming soon this 23rd of March. So 4Nias get ready!!!!! to Steal 4 minute!!!!!hahaha 

Let's listen to the teaser countdown from them. You can listen that the music is so energetic, can't wait for their album to be released on 29th!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Super Show 3 Malaysia 19032011 is the best concert i had ever been!!!!!

I can't believe that i had the chance to attend Super Show 3 !!!! My dad won't allow me to go but finally,at last i still can go!!!!It's been a long way for me to go Super Show 3 ,so i really appreciated the show very much!!!!! LOL I am so happy that i can attend their show yesterday. This is the best ever concert that i had ever been. Well this is the first concert i attend actually haha. But you know what the show is REALLY AWESOME!!! The performance by SuJu members, the sound system, the effects!!!! And... What???
ELF's Sapphire Blue Sea!!!!!

Wait another thing, the fan chants too!!!!
I am so freaking HIGH yesterday during the concert, screaming all the way until the end of the concert. Luckily i ate sweets to protect my throat haha. My seat was not the front one but it's more than enough for me. I am feeling so lucky that i can attend their concert after so many opposition.
Though i can't get the ball Eunhyuk had kissed nor Kyuhyun signed ball but we should be feeling lucky that they were performing in front of you FOR REAL!!! LOL

They had performed all the songs perfectly yesterday. The concert started with Sorry Sorry remix and Super Girl. Next with Don't Don't, No Other. Elfs showed their 'HEARTS' when No Other ^^ i am one of them too it was fun....
Self Intro (Freaking High Intro) say Yeah....and the Wow..
Next i forgot LOL too high ahhh remember now COnfession, Good Person, Rokkugo
But solo part was so enjoyable, Ryeowook (One Fine Spring Day Chinese version), Kyuhyun (New Endless Love),EunHae(I wanna Love You) ,Leeteuk (Kiiss GoodBye),Siwon (Looking For the day) ,Henry (Baby) SungMin (If You Leave) --Sexy Min XD ,Eunhyuk (Down) ,ZhouMi(Ms Chic)Yesung waaaaaa So touching when Yesung part everyone singing It has to Be You together, i bet Yesung was touched too ^^
Next is Tok Tok Tok , You & I, Song For You, Shake It Up, Twins Remix, Hate You Love You, In My Dream, All My Heart,, Perfection,Bonamana, A man in Love, U, Dancing Out, Cooking Cooking, A way For Love, Wonder Boys and THE END.. Did I miss any song??? Oh yes one more..Kangin Tribute!!!!!! Come back faster Kangin we are waiting for you....

I can't stop myself from watching the videos that i recorded yesterday during Super Show 3. Although my vids are far from the stage and mixed with my screaming sounds LOL, but i still can't stop spazzing on those vids.Will load some of it on my channel but i see there's much more HD vids being uploaded so i will just load my vids for my own watch on youtube LOL..

Siwon said they are preparing the 5th album and will be out soon. Let's anticipate for their coming album!!! 
I find that LeeTeuk & Eunhyuk loves to say Apa Khabar. Well next time should teach them new words instead of Apa Khabar haha. 
Eunhyuk Happy Birthday song~~~ He thanks ELFs by kneeling down on the stage ^^ Welcome Eunhyuk XD
Most of the members said that they loves Malaysia and thanks for ELFs who attended the concert. 
I am gonna say 'YEAH"~~~~~~ this is the BEST concert i ever had and WOW you guys had gave me a memorable night.
I think i am gonna get the front seats tickets next time to get some up close pictures XD