Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Monthsary and Christmas Eve to Everyone!!!

Happy Monthsary!!!!!! It's been a long time ever since i wrote this kind of monthsary thingy on the blog LOL~~
Well today is 24th December which is also Christmas Eve, wanna wish Everyone from around the world an Advance Happy Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!! And also wish our kpop idols will continue to perform their best for us, and everyone keep healthy!!!!

This month our group had been established 1 year and 9 months!! Next year March will be our 2nd Anniversary!! What can i say?? We had gone so far!!!!! XD Though the blog is not as updated as before but i tried my best to update it when i am free ^^ Not to deny that i am super junior maniac and will only post news about Super Junior. Hope you don't mind XD I will try my best to post other news too. Don't worry LOL. 

We are not the source of kpopnews, we are just sharing what we know and like over here. I am the only one who is writing the blog, i really hope that there will be someone who are dedicated to kpop and would like to join us as a writer here^^ Do email us if you are interested, we welcome anyone to join us but the condition is you must be a kpoplover :

We are a group who loves kpop and we are like family over here. We do welcome anyone from the world who loves kpop to join us and becomes part of our family. Our family are now planning to have the first ever gathering in Philippines, and you know what another admin and me are from Malaysia!!! XD We are so excited towards this gathering you know? But it still depends on our busy schedules LOL.... talking like a busy artist haha. But promise we will try our best to fit into the date for the very first gathering ^^

Not going to write long here, lastly Wish everyone have a Happy Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year of 2012 ^^


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