Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wanna know more about B.A.P???

Let's get to know more about B.A.P. The hottest group to debut in January 2012 ^^ B.A.P is the abbreviation of “Best, Absolute, Perfect”, which means “We pursue Best, Absolute, and Perfect value.” There are 6 members in this group consisting Bang Yong Guk, Zelo, Him Chan, Dae Hyun, Jong Up, Young Jae. Recently they had released the Warrior MV on their official site and received many good response from the netizens. 

They had been participating in the reality show too-- Ta Dah!: It's B.A.P. It's an interesting show. Be sure to follow the show ^^
"Meet the super rookie B.A.P on SBS-MTV reality program, <Ta-Dah! : It's B.A.P>, even before official debut.
Different from other idol groups’ reality program, <Ta-Dah! : It's B.A.P>, whose first episode will be aired on January 8, will deal with brand-new concept; 6 aliens who come to the earth decide to become idol group to conquer it and take hard missions to be eligible.
And SECRET’s leader Hyo Seong will make a special guest appearance as the alien planet’s governor who assigns missions to B.A.P.
Followed by Bang Yong Guk and Zelo who released ‘Never Give Up’ together and Him Chan who is a MC of <MTV the show>, other three members will be finally unveiled through <Ta-Dah! : It’s B.A.P>.
We look forward to your continuous support on B.A.P and interest in <Ta-Dah! : It’s B.A.P>."

Hope to see more performances from them soon

"B.A.P’ announces the blockbuster-scale debut showcase w/ 3,000 people
‘B.A.P’ announced their blockbuster-scale debut showcase on January 28, 2012 in Seoul Jangchung Gymnasium for free!
Because this is the very first introduction of B.A.P, we prepared the best stage they can perform.
The venue can hold 3,000 people; we expect 300 people of the press and media, music producers, promoters, and fans from Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and elsewhere as well as domestic media and fans. 
So please do not miss the B.A.P’s debut showcase on January 28! "

Today they will have their debut showcase this is gonna be really cool!!! Anticipate for the videos of their debuting stage^^

Credit: B.A.P official sites

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  1. B.A.P I'm your biggest fan.Always hard-working.Hwaiting~