Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CSJH:The Grace is back with Dana & Sunday+ MV teaser

Well i am not familiar with The Grace. I only know them today LOL. They are under SM Entertainment and will be making their comeback this coming Friday, 8th July 2011 ^^. So let's get to know more about them shall we?? The MV teaser had been released today too, check out what's in the video 

A talented female group ‘The Grace’ will make a comeback as ‘The GRACE DANA&SUNDAY.’'

The GRACE DANA&SUNDAY’ consisted of two members, DANA and SUNDAY will be back in after a long time by releasing a digital single ‘One More Chance (나 좀 봐줘),’ so it is expected to receive an enthusiastic response from music fans who have waited for so long for music and stages of ‘The Grace.’'The Grace' has focused on their activities in Japan as well as individual activities after the 1st full album ‘한 번 더, OK?’ in May 2007. Since they are releasing new music in about 4years, their unique powerful singing ability is predicted to fascinate the music industry. Especially, DANA has successfully changed as a musical actress through a musical ‘A Jewel in the Palace (대장금)’ and ‘The Three Musketeers (삼총사)’ and also, SUNDAY has accumulated a variety of experiences by appearing in musicals ‘Rock of Ages (락 오브 에이지)’ and ‘A Parade of Youth (젊음의 행진)’ as well as on 'tvN Opera Star 2011.’ Therefore, music fans’ interest for ‘The GRACE DANA&SUNDAY,’ who will be back with new style, is expected to grow more. Furthermore, starting from ‘KBS Music Bank’ on the 8th, 'The GRACE DANA&SUNDAY' will perform their digital single ‘One More Chance (나 좀 봐줘)’ for the first time and begin performing in earnest. Transforming themselves in a new way and performances are greatly anticipated. 

The digital single of ‘The GRACE-DANA&SUNDAY,’ which is the unit of a talented female group, The Grace, will be released on the 11th through major music websites such as Melon, Bugs, Soribada, Dosirak, etc.

The new song, ‘One More Chance(나 좀 봐줘)’ is an electronic dance music with highly addictive melody and strong and polished beat. The lyrics is about a true story of single ladies who are living in this generation, so this understandable secret story of women and novelty are good enough to fascinate music fans.

Especially, ‘The GRACE-DANA&SUNDAY’ will give a great comeback performance through public TV music programs such as ‘KBS Music Bank (7/8), ‘MBC Show! Music Core (7/9),’ ‘SBS Inkigayo(7/10),’ etc. prior to the release of their new song. Therefore, it is expected to meet charms of ‘The Grace’ who has been much loved by music fans for their powerful singing ability and intense performance.


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