Friday, July 29, 2011

Mr Simple MV teaser to be released on 1st August!! !!

WOW Loving this picture!! How about you guys??? I am waiting patiently here for the sake of our suju oppas. If not...... XD
Well according to SM, they will be relaying the press  conference of Suju on 4th August on the official sites and the most important things!!! ---MR Simple MV teaser will be out on 1st August and full MV will be released on the 4th August too. I am sure ELFs are waiting anxiously as me, it'a only 2 days left before the teaser will be up, let's wait patiently ELFs ^^

The press conference which will notify the comeback of the best super star in Asia, Super Junior, will be relayed through facebook and YouTube.

Super Junior, who will make a glorious comeback with the 5th full album, ‘Mr.Simple,’ will hold a press conference at the Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul on August 4th. And also its pictures and video are scheduled to be relayed through facebook SMTOWN page (, facebook Super Junior page ( and YouTube SMTOWN channel, so it is expected to make massive headlines.

In addition, Super Junior will collect questions about their comeback and new album through facebook SMTOWN page as well as facebook Super Junior page from fans worldwide for three days (August 1st ~ August 3rd) and they will answer the selected questions at the press conference. Therefore explosive responses are expected from fans all over the world.

The music video teaser of Super Junior’s 5th album title song, Mr. Simple’ will be released on August 1st.
The music video teaser will be released through facebook SMTOWN page (, facebook Super Junior page ( and YouTube SMTOWN channel ( as well as Super Junior official website ( It is predicted to fascinate music fans worldwide by presenting Ubersexual concept which includes unusual charms of Super Junior who has transformed themselves into more manly and stylish.


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