Monday, November 28, 2011

Super Junior Yesung becomes a Teacher????

Our cute Mr Chucky-Yesung had turned into a teacher???Check out what's going on from his tweets yesterday ^^

shfly3423: " Here we are a Singapore, to have a better performances the day after tomorrow, i am giving tuition class to 2 of our dongsaengs...keke"

siwon407 replied him after that mentioning: "As a reference photo by SIWON, including a lot of pictures"

haha Siwon Siwon~~, he tweeted in English along with another 2 pictures after that: "are you ready to scream SINGAPORE? let's have an unforgettable sweet evening together on tuesday"

wow they are having rehearsal late in the midnight~~~ 

donghae861015 tweeted in English too earlier:" I'm in Singapore now. I'm gonna have a rehearsal soon! See u guys 2days later!!" 

then he tweeted in English again  not long after Siwon's XD "I'm ganna have a blast !!!!! MAMA !!"
Leeteuk leader are still in Korea shooting for Star King, he tweeted yesterday mentioning:" One week  had passed, members already at Singapore, my mind is in Singapore too now, let's meet in MAMA!!" 

Poor teuk oppa needs to finish up the work alone before can fly over to SG later.. Hwaiting oppa~~Sora will be there for you XD

Shindong is another one who tweeted first once they arrived in Singapore yesterday:" Singapore, here i am....It's beautiful over here, if there's any delicious food let's start now, if someone mention me or comment that i should be on diet, then i will be eating more!!"

LOL shindong~~~

They are doing very well aren't they??? Hope they enjoy the performances and staying in Singapore^^


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