Sunday, November 20, 2011

Super Show 4 in Seoul -- Fancams+Pictures

One word to describe the show--->>>> DAEBAK!!!!!!! 2 days in a shot in Olympia Stadium, i am sure ELFs who went to the concert are very happy and satisfied with the show... Am i right??? How i wish i can go~~~~~ This time i am so surprise with their special performances ^^ Doe a deer a female deer~~~ Do Re Mi song with Super Junior~~~ it's so interesting!!! Sound of Super Junior is so attractive ^^ You can see "Boys brings the gals out dance choreography" LOL.. 

Total 40 song in about 4 hours show, this is long but i sat beside the PC with twitter timeline moving fast, 4 hours past quickly. And it ended so soon >< We Want More!!!!! This time members performed solos, the unexpected is Ryeowook with his Moves Like Jagger and showing off Abs moment~~The opening of the show makes me wanna go there more!!! You guys should watch those fancams~~ Half Naked members!!!!! hahahaha~~ 

Cosplay time with every members dressed in diffrent characters, Eunhyuk's is the most unpredictable~~ Netizens said is it the character for Kentucky Fried Chicken?Chucky Yesung will be the cutest chucky in the world, i cant even recognize Kyu Steve on the first spot LOL, Superman Siwon as always^^ Charlie Hae is charming as usual, Ryeowook becomes Gollumn, Britney Dong is beautiful enough, Marilyn Min is gorgeous haha and skinny Hulk Hogan~~~

EunHae performance in DongHae's solo, Oppa Oppa, I say DongHae you say Oppa, I say Eunhyuk, You say oppa, i say Eunhae You say Oppa~~ XD As normal fans are all in hyper mode with excellent fan chant all way from starting till ending of the show~~ Check out some fancams below with Remix version of Mr Simple, special water front stage with A-Cha...etc

VCR --Members excellent acting skills

Many singers and super junior's family members had went to support show including JongJin, Sungjin, Sora (Teuk's WGM wife), Oneway Peter.......Really wish SUper Show world tour will come to Malaysia this time if not im gonna bang on the wall....><
What i wanna say Super Junior, ELF will be there for you guys no matter where,when and how long we will need to wait for you guys ^^



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