Sunday, June 26, 2011

Big Bang Daesung to suspend all activities to self reflect until end of this year

I don't know what to say now after reading the news, the only thing i can do is to give him moral support no matter what happen. We will be there for you no matter what Daesung. Please be strong.......

News quoted from Big Bang updates
"Big Bang member Daesung will suspend all promotions until the end of this year, for reasons regarding the fatal car accident on May 31st.

It was revealed that Daesung will take time to self-reflect and atone for his accident on the 31st at the Seoul Yanghwa bridge, acknowledging his responsibility in causing the death of motorcyclist Hyun, following the police’s announcement of the autopsy results.

Agency YG Entertainment had stated, "After the end of May's concerts in Japan, Daesung and the members of Big Bang are resting without any special scheduled promotions", adding "since there are no important scheduled promotions due to no concerts or albums, Daesung's halt of promotions will not affect the team's next step."

However, for the already scheduled Big Bang mini-concert on the 25th at Seoul Nonhyun-dong, Daesung was asked to be excused, and the stage will consist of the other four members without Daesung.

Due to the accident, Daesung's drivers license will be revoked, and it is expected that he will have a trial at the Seoul Southern District Court. The police stated that if an agreement with the family of the deceased Hyun is submitted, Daesung's charges may be reduced.

For some time following the car accident, Daesung was reported to be at a loss for words and look depressed, but not long ago, he began going back to attending his church to pray and receive counseling from the pastor, through which he has been enduring through this difficult time.

In response to the accident’s autopsy result announcement and news of the halt of promotions, netizens are giving encouragement with comments such as, “Please be resolved smoothly”, “I hope you come back brighter”, and “We’ll be waiting for you”."


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