Sunday, June 12, 2011

Immortal Song 2-Episode 2

Immortal Songs 2- Episode 2 is out ^^ This episode IU had withdrew her participation in the show and replaced by Secret's Song Ji Eun. This episode will be the last episode for Yesung, JongHyun and Yoseob too due to their busy schedules. Anyway,hope they will comeback soon. I was crying when watching Yesung's cut TT. Yseung Hwaiting!!! Let's check on their performance cuts below.....

During the first half, this episode sees them perform their preferred hits that gave them strength when they were trainees, while the second half was their practice/rehearsal for their mission, which was to remake a Boohwal hit song, with the actual performances airing next week. (Credit: Allkpop)

This day, Yesung said, “I didn’t know when I was going to debut, and if I just stayed, I didn’t think I was able to do anything, so, one time, I decided to go to the army.”. He sang Kim Jongkook’s ‘One Man’, which was the song that was on the bus while he was going back to Chunan.

On the way to his home, he received a phone call from TVXQ, saying that they had a concert in Chunan. As he was watching TVXQ perform, he turned around when a phone call came from his brother, and saw his family crying.

He said “Since, the people that I was training with were on stage performing, and their son was just staring at them, they were sad.”, and showed his tears.

And “When I saw my parents’ tears, I thought again. I thought that I should try harder for my parents who sacrificed just for their son to acheive his dreams.” and revealed his reason for accomplishing his dreams.

Meanwhile, he received great applause from the audience by singing ‘One Man’ with desperate and strong voice.  (

Part 2


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