Tuesday, June 28, 2011

T-ara Roly Poly MV teaser

T-ara will be releasing their newest album -John Travolta Wannabe. Today we can listen to the full audio of the title track -Roly Poly being released after the MV teaser. Now we are just waiting for the full retro MV (Part 1)to be released tomorrow!!!

Quoted from Allkpop:
On June 28th, Core Contents Media announced that they would be postponing the release of T-ara’s new music video, “Roly Poly“, to the morning of the 29th.
Representatives explained, “We were originally planning to release it at 5 PM KST today, on the 28th. Unfortunately, about a minute’s worth of footage experienced an error while it was in the editing process, so we decided to postpone it by an hour and release it at 6 PM.”
They continued, “The file, however, was not able to be recovered at all, so we’ve decided to go into emergency filming and edit for the rest of the night today.”
Part one of “Roly Poly” will be released at 11 AM KST on June 29th. Part two will be released at 10 AM KST on July 4th. Stay tuned!

The album name is supposed to express a nostalgia for John Travolta’s hit movie, “Saturday Night Fever“. “Roly-Poly” carries out this feeling by utilizing a disco beat that’s reminiscent of early 80’s music. It’s also said that the album will include five remixed songs from T-ara’s last album.

The choreography will see 20 backup dancers on stage performing moves from the 70’s and 80’s; T-ara enlisted the help of choreographer Seo Byung Gu, who’s said to be a master of 80’s dance in Korea.

Check out the MV teaser below"

The Full audio, listen it while it's still available ^^


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