Sunday, May 15, 2011

K-addicters contest#1: Love Letter to your bias Part1

Been busy these days, i wanna say sorry to Ms Norli because not yet posted the prize to you. Will try to post it by next week. Please bear with us for a while more....I am sure others had received their prizes right? If not please do email us, thankyou!!So as promised earlier all the winner's love letter will be posted on our blog. Let's start with the 5th place winner Ms Syafiah^^Her bias is Yoona of SNSD..

Annyeonghaseyo Yoona unnie !! I'm Fisya from Malaysia and I'm a SONE. Yoona unnie is my favourite member in SNSD. I started to like unnie when watching 'You're My Destiny' drama. Yoona unnie is so talented. Unnie can sings well, dance, and acting too. Unnie also a truly yeoshin for me Unnie's birthday is on 30th May right ? My birthday is on 3rd May. ehhe we share the same birthday number~ I love it so much. That's why I put my name 'YoonSya305' for my Twitter account. 305 can either be 3rd May or 30th May~ Unnie, I really hope one day I can meet unnie with SNSD members in person. I'll be the luckiest SONE in the world if we can meet together and just hang-out. LOL Yoona unnie, I wonder who will u get married one day ? Well who ever it is, he's the luckiest guy. Yoona unnie, I pray unnie will always be healthy, funny, and pretty like always. Everyone knows life is too short, so enjoy your life unnie with your love ones till the moment lasts. I think that all unnie. Last but not least, HWAITING SNSD !! JIGEUMEUN SO NYEO SHI DAE !! Manhi Saranghamnida~~~

Hope Yoona can read this ^^



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