Sunday, May 15, 2011

K-addicters contest#1-Love Letter to Your Bias Part3

Ok Last part for the letters, 2nd Place winner are b2uty and 1st place winner still a VIPs!! Let's see what they want to say to their bias ^^


THE MOMENT B2ST MADE their OFFICIAL DEBUT at music bank on 16th 
October 2009, you caught my eye right away with your blonde hair
and amazing voice, not to mention you acting aegyo made me fall 
deeply in love with you!!

I will never be a bad girl because I love you too much. 

I can’t take my breath when I see you singing on stage.
You made me feel special and beautiful when you sang
 ‘cherish that person’ for ‘my princess ost’.

When everyhing seems to be lightless and I’m about to break down, 
when the door closes, listening to you singing made me feel that lights go on again. Yang yo seob, you are my oasis.

Loving you has been the best decision I’ve made, seeing you live in Malaysia about a month ago, I feel shock when you did all the fanservice by posing for pictures and being aegyo.

You are obviously tired at times yet you try your best to entertain b2uty all around the world. I’m touched. Eventhough you don’t speak English well but when you sing in English, wow! I’m speechless! Thanks to you, my life has been full of happiness! B2st is the best!

i wish that you will keep on singing and rocking the stage! please take care of your health as i'm always worried for you! i love you forever seobie!

Y - you are my
o - only
s - super cute and favourite
e - entertainer
o - of
b - beast

Interesting? Let's see the final one, from VIP ^^

I've been listening to foreign music since i'm 12 ! The first songs that i listen to is My December by Linkin Park ! I was so in love with rock and metal music ! I was an emotional girl , a rebel type or whatever u call it is !! For a long time , My Chemical Romance ( MCR ) was my everythings ! I listen to their songs everyday, every moments ! I can tell their songs title by just listen to a few notes ! U know what ? I've stopped listen to their songs since I heard HEARTBREAKER on 2009 ! I still remember the voice that melted my heart ! " u r my heart..... heart... heartbreaker " !

My passion for metal and rock music has decrease now ! I'm now fall in love with my 5 guys ! Big Bang !!!! I never listen to other songs anymore ! And some of my friend said that i'm too crazy for u guys coz u guys make me close my heart , my ears for others... My playlist right now , and forever will be full with Big Bang ! I regret for not knowing u guys earlier ! U guys really alter my life ! I wanna thank u guys for everythings u guys give me as one of the VIPs !!!! VIP is the best fandom that i've ever meet !! they're so nice ! Eventhought i'm still new at that time, but they really treat me nicely and tell me everything about u guys !! The best thing in my life is being a part of the VIP family ! They're awesome ! 

OMG !!!! I love Big Bang so much !!! U guys seem to be all i've ever wanted in this world ! Please let me love u guys in this life coz i'm afraid in the next life i cant love u guys like this , remember ur lyrics like right now and i'm afraid that in the next life i'm not a true VIPs anymore . So, please let me love u guys in this life ! No matter what happen, i'll support u guys and i'll believe in u guys coz i've let u guys into my brain ! U guys cheer me with ur songs ,make me laugh when i see ur variety show and make me cry when i see u guys cry or hurt ! Seeing those broken hearted scenes breaks my heart a lot !

Its only a year and a few months since i know u guys ! But i promise u guys that i'll always support u guys ! Jiyongie ... can u do this to me ? Please SMILE more and dont be sad.... keep doing well okay ? I believe in u . Taeyang ... Thank u so much for giving us listen to ur melodious voice ! Tabi... I see u work so hard nowadays.. please take care of ur health... dont be to skinny ! Dae-dae .... it must be hard for u but u are VIPs smiling angel.. so please smile no matter what ! and cute maknae , Seungri ... i'm so proud of u , u improve a lot !!!! 

Big Bang is my oxigen ! u guys are like the air i breathe , like the blood in my veins , my drugs .. my everything ! Everyday i keep pray that i would dream about u guys ! I cant sleep without listening to ur songs ! I cant imagine how my life would be without ur songs even for a day !  I believe in u guys the best ! 

I've looking forward your comeback since a years ago ! and Finally u guys really made us proud of being a VIP ! It feels so crazy , so excited and so awesome now because of your comeback ! Jiyongie ...Taeyang...Dae-dae.. and my double Seung Hyun matter what happen , i promise that i will support u guys forever ! Go Big Bang go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hwaiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  make us proud to be VIPs !


Finally i had done my job by posting up all the winners entries, for those who do not win you can try again next time when we have another contest ^^ Thanks for everyone's participation in our contest and please do continue support us. Kamsahamnida!!!!


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